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Getting Started in Cybersecurity – New B00K

Getting Started in Cybersecurity

This book is a guide for you on everything you should know about cybersecurity. The book helps you understand what cyber security is, and the various ways organizations and governments can stay safe from cyber-attacks. Implementing application security is a major approach to countering cyber-attacks. This is the security organizations’ and governments’ implement on the hardware and software components they are using.

The various ways to implement this kind of security are discussed in this book. Information should also be protected against cyber-attacks. The protection of information should be geared towards achieving confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The various ways to achieve these are explored. Computer networks should also be secured so that attacks from network intruders can be thwarted. This requires the use of multiple approaches.

These approaches have been explored in this book. Organizations and governments may be attacked by cybercriminals. Such attacks can cripple the operations of the organization or the government.

There is a way for these parties to ensure that they have implemented recovery mechanisms, or ensure that their operations will keep on running despite such attacks. This book explores this in details and how to achieve it. States should also stay protected against cyberwar.

  • You will learn how to defining cybersecurity
  • Familiar your self with available tools and how you can use them
  • Improving your cyber defense skills
  • Protecting your personal stuff
  • Learn the current cybersecurity landscape
  • Learn how  to handle a breach for beginners
  • Tips for planning ahead of your cyber career
  • Careers in cybersecurity

“Learn the Basics of Cybersecurity”  Getting Started in Cybersecurity

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