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Global Enterprise CIO Award Winner 2020

Global Enterprise CIO Award Winner

It it my pleasure to announce that I’ve been chosen to be one of the Global Enterprise CIO award winners by ICMG.

Thank you

Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Global Enterprise CIO Award Winner 2021
Global Enterprise CIO Award Winner 2021 Dr Erdal Ozkaya

About the Award 

This award recognizes the CIO s for their contributions to the organization’s advancement through the use of Enterprise and IT Architecture. This award also recognizes the potential of CIOs to use architecture experience to plan organizations for accelerated transition, promote growth strategies, and influence skills that function as a “market differentiator.”

We also want to congratulate all of the professionals (600) who entered this year; we received many outstanding projects and profiles. Our only regret is that there can only be only few winners.

You can check the web site for more details : 

To see my recent awards :

More about the awards

Global Digital Architecture Excellence Awards 2021

Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in new technologies, re-imagined business processes, innovative business models, tighter regulations, heightened customer preferences etc., etc. within the Enterprise.

This has resulted in a need to properly Architect Business and Technology Solutions both at the Enterprise and Solution level. Although many have realized this, very few Enterprise Architecture Programs can be thought of as “Excellent”.

At ICMG, our vision is to recognize and reward digital Architecture Excellence for the good of the Enterprise.

Modeling contributes significantly towards this and within ICMG we call this approach
“Inter-Connected Models for the Good of the Enterprise”.

Three groups of awards

01 Global Architecture Rating & Excellence Awards (Global)
02 Regional Architecture Rating & Excellence Awards (Regional)
03 Regional Architecture Rating & Achievement Awards (Regional)

How the awards works

Project Complexity
Each project has characteristic unpredictability since it is intended to serve at least one client class, pertinent for at least one division (work units), and includes the innate multifaceted nature of the most recent innovations.

Performance Indicators
It is important to use performance metrics, i.e. projects goals as a basis for evaluating architecture and rating project readiness.

​Technology Models
Technology / Infrastructure Models showing Technology Strategy, Application Components vs QoS, Application Components vs Infrastructure components, Data Components etc.,

Stakeholders and Key Expectation
How did the project address the worries and issues of business owners, project owners, users, technology teams, process owners, operation team? How does did it impact the priorities of the project?

Architecture Governance
The method by which business systems and other technologies are governed and regulated, project-specific, and enterprise-wide.

​Implementation Models
Implementation Models showing brand names of tools, products, etc for Physical Application, Physical Network, Storage, Server components, Security, Physical Database Design, etc.,

Well defined Taxonomy
Well-defined taxonomy for business, technology, operations to ensure effective communication, information exchange, and related models. Evaluate classification and categories related to market classes, technical components focused on common characteristics.

Strategy Models
Strategy Models illustrating business initiatives that lead to company Goals and Objectives, Products and Services, and the Business Processes that enable them, etc.

Operation Models
A project operating model, digital representation of how did the company provides value to its customers, and how the organization handles the project. It will have information such as Operational Data, info update, process instances, actual locations with roles, performance metrics (weekly / monthly), etc.

System / Logical Models
Models showing Logical Models of Applications, Data, Network, UI, Rule, etc. Also, how does Application related to Data, Data linked to Network, Application Models relationship to UI Models, etc

Process Models
Process Models showing Business Processes, the Process Operational Objectives, Business Processes vs the Applications that support them etc.,

Award Jury
Jury members have very important work in hand.

They are the lifeline of the award competition. They need to go through the dozen-odd pages for each entry, prepare questions that are not addressed in the submission document, understanding (and deciphering) content, managing information collected, prioritizing and exercising valuation wisely.

In one hand, they need to appreciate creative thinking while in other hand maintain adherence to guidelines.

Sometimes, they have nominations that challenge their intellect which they discuss with other jury members. Each award category is evaluated by 3-4 jury members. It connects jury members across different geography (city/ country, industry, etc.) and brings close interaction among them.

The list :

Evaluation of the awardees

1 Round :Evaluation using 10 key criteria

Evaluation of nominations (project documents) using next10 key criteria

Each nomination is evaluated by 3-4 jury members

2 Round Reginal Final Round

This round is the Regional Final Round evaluation which is based on video interaction with project team head and the jury members (one or more)

3 Round Global Final Round

The Global Final Round of evaluation is based on the case study presentation at the Architecture World Summit, Online

The ICMG Architecture Ratings and Excellence program is classified into three groups of awards namely
1.Excellence Awards (Global),
2.Excellence Awards (Regional)
3.Achievement Awards (Regional).
While making submission, please select the appropriate award classification
Achievement Awards (Regional) are meant for encouragement of businesses and project teams that are getting started with Architecture. It has only two rounds of evaluation unlike Excellence (Regional) which has four rounds of evaluation and Excellence (Global) with five rounds of evaluation.

ICMG Awards & Ratings program are managed at two levels, one at a regional level and other at global.

In 2020, this program will be organized in following regions namely USA, Canada, India, Australia & New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Europe.

A participating comp has the option to choose if they want to compete in the region or for global competition. While filling the form, you must indicate your choice very clearly.

Regional Excellence Awards are designed for organizations who need external review of architecture and suggestions for improvements, but recognition within a region (country).

Global Excellence Awards are aimed at growing businesses that want more customers and architecture driven business differentiation. It is best fit for global recognition.

Please note that all the winners and finalists of the Regional awards are automatically qualify for the Global awards. There is no direct entry to Global awards program. One must compete in the Regional rounds before reaching to the Global Final Round.

Finalists for the Global Awards are selected from the Winners of Regional Awards. Global Awards are handed out during the awards function and conference where the finalists and winners share their program details in Keynote, Track Sessions and also be part of Panel Discussions. These conferences have been a great success over the years and Speakers and audience find them a great learning experience

Awards will be presented during the Architecture World Summit to be held at the New York. Finalists and Winner Companies must participate in the Architecture World Summit through a senior management representative to receive the Award. You are expected to share the project experience in the panel discussion or track session or both. Please note that participation in the summit is mandatory to receive the award.