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Hall of Fame 2020

This is a very auspicious moment for me to announce  one more milestone in my career:

It’s a great honor for me to be given accolades and award for being part of EC Council Hall of Fame and CISO Magazine Cybersecurity Influencer of the year

First of all special thank you, to the jury for selecting me , to CISO Magazine for making this happen and EC Council  for valuing Individuals  in the field for this honor and awarding me.

I am grateful to everyone who has always been a part of my journey, from my family to friends, from bosses to my team my mentors ( and everyone who is supporting me in the journey.

It is a pleasure to witness this beautiful moment in the presence of you all. On back end there are many hours of hard work, sleepless nights along with the great power of God who have enabled me to put in efforts and make me capable of getting this award. Each one of you has enabled me to bring the ideas into reality. My strength always increased on dealing with the challenges and overcoming them.

Thank you


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EC Council Hall of Fame Award
CISO Mag Cybersecurity Social Media Influcner Award
Token of Appreciation by EC Council CISO mag

About CISO Mag

CISO MAG is the cyber security news publication for every stakeholder of safe Internet. If you are looking to keep abreast of the latest happenings in information security and are curious to know how security leaders are battling out of their skins to keep Internet safe, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Why we do what we do?

Well, the threats we foresee in cyber world are not expected to cease and one can only expect to uncover more calculated attacks on a wider scale. Therefore, there is a continuous need to provide unbiased and useful information to the professionals working in this critical sector. To provide the cybersecurity experts key information and analysis to tackle the security challenges, EC-Council created CISO MAG, an information security magazine for best practices, trends, and news.

We are a passionate bunch of people who love to give voice to information. We research intense, write with credibility and bring to you the information every security leader needs to know.

And we don’t want you to just believe it because we say it, we want you to discover it yourself. Check out our magazine that has already reached 50,000+ readers globally within its first year of launch.

To know more about the magazine , click here

About EC Council 

The advent of Information technology has shrunk the world down and brought everything and everyone closer to each other but at the same time left organizations vulnerable to criminal activities of cyber-criminals. 1 in 5 Australians have been victim of cyber crimes including thefts and identity crimes as per the survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) which is somewhat at par with the cyber crime rate of USA and UK. The theft amounts for these crimes range from a few dollars to an enormous USD 300,000 per person.

Such crimes indicate not only an ineffective information security team but also an ineffective policy system of organization. Computer Security, Network Security, Application Security and Internet Security is not just in the hands of the information security team but also the security leaders who put security processes and procedures in place and work towards bringing in updated and effective security requirements. As said by Kevin Mitnick, training and education gives birth to skilled and knowledgeable workforce who safeguards your system and network.

We at EC-Council work towards the requirement of Information Security education and stress on training offered for an array of courses that shall help you not only to protect your identity but fight back against these cyber criminals. Click here to learn more 

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