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Interview with Turkish MS Student Partners -2

Interview with Turkish MS Student Partners

In January 2012 I was interviewed by Turkish University Microsoft Student Partners. The original interview was published in :

In January 2012 I was interviewed by Turkish University Microsoft Student Partners.  The original interview was published in :

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Unlu Ağyol: Brief mentions of yourself?
Erdal Ozkaya: I was born in Germany, grew up there but  in the meantime we visited Turkey often. In the end, my fiancée started reading Literature from Hacettepe University in Australia as the roar with extra when I’ve been in the vee

Unlu Ağyol: Security-how to get acquainted?
Erdal Ozkaya:2000s, everybody has become a ITci, everyone understood that there’s enthusiasm, systematic. a future there, I’m starting to shut down a more than anyone else working exploits, vulnerabilities, and turned off the “good faith” as one of the responsible for the security in the company of myself is a great faydalandıkça.
All these were a myth, while TurkMCSE I learned a lot from there to the site, that was a lot to me especially Ahmet Tufan Trust dostumun labor. When speaking to her again, my thanks ileteyim laf ready.

Unlu Ağyol: Evaluates the subject of information security in Turkey?
Erdal Ozkaya:Yet many go, safely and the importance of good ones too but not yet security is very anlamayanlar. So whether your sites, such as sites, hand in hand with the volunteers that work instead of every school in every business, because of the importance of-and-third world war might be to tell, here are the examples actually VIRTUAL; Iran Nuclear Facilities, the Pentagon as well as many government agency hacklenmedi?

Unlu Ağyol: How foreign countries by our development?
Erdal Ozkaya:We’ll do kafamıza taktık MI çalışkanız, Turks, now with many young my blog, Facebook, Twitter and me questions asks, trying to be help SUP; But let me tell you where it is essential, then Peter is not learning ENGLISH. All of this comes together, immediately close enough that the CERTIFICATE comes from gibime vulnerability can fall, I KNOW the subject ezberleyip girmeyelim air. I received many awards over the years, both security and many other field but I can tell you that, UNABLE to JUST open audacity with SEA SAND in …

Unlu Ağyol: Turkey to move on to advanced level of information security in your suggestions?
Erdal Ozkaya:The DESIRE for LEARNING less as already mentioned. The ability to apply what they have learned, the trial and error that is easier to post them all

Unlu Ağyol: What are your suggestions for beginners to security?
Erdal Ozkaya:A PC lab at home and, above all, very very okusunlar-layering tank they informed ….

Unlu Ağyol: What do you think the world of information security in 2020 are talking?

Erdal Ozkaya:A difficult question! I can’t promise you 5 years ago BULUTtan geçerdiniz BULUTtan with me, but now everybody wave.

Unlu Ağyol: What are your views about the security training and certificates?
Erdal Ozkaya:Certificate to show that you know what you seek but does not show a certificate and a HACKER. Education and believe that people in the development of the very, very important in the certificates. I think it’s only a small part of what the bildiğinizin certificates, especially career must be for those who want to possess. But not trying to memorize, stolen, bilmekle … a good questions that you can easily move very far beyond your own teacher. I’d definitely recommend to everyone. Safe EC Council, Being Microsoft, Cisco certificates on the system is very very important.

Unlu Ağyol: Australia adventure started how?
Erdal Ozkaya:I met my wife I present dönecekken back to Germany University 1de. He did not know German, Turkey had been left back in crisis, is the only option. 11 years here and in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Unlu Ağyol: Find out what challenges did you have, what happened? Abroad çıkacaklara suggestions?
Erdal Ozkaya:First of all “accent” I had what Turkish nor Almancaydı aksanım, both of the Center. Fortunately I got used very friendly, as soon as any part. Herkesler self-indulgent, was that their lovers but for comfort … here’s my Alamancı sometimes ağırdan/units, and input from the circuit, intelligence, coupled with the German skiing here with Turkish multiple people cannot even imagine the places as soon as possible.
As for the recommendations, you’ll go to learn the language of the place, the environment is very, very good research and learning in spite of elections.

Unlu Ağyol: A author ID? What do you want to say about it?
Erdal Ozkaya:Faculty of literature, read and so that you don’t get. Very very gazetecilikle when I was little. In high school, in college newspapers. I also have a choice such as the çokta heard so. Difficult obviously because I agree with one of the world’s largest conferencing speaker, lecturing all over the world as a trainer, 2 children, spouse, by job, but enough people to write to uykumdan çalıyorum that should … Even çıkmadık to the Moon?

Unlu Ağyol: Next time you receive a success in various locations, including documents. This is the secret of success?
Erdal Ozkaya:The promise of a great Leader Atatürk’s very little flour uyarladım myself. When I came to Turkey so far, from the end of high school, here’s the original story on the wall hanging MySecret plastered;
“Big fat lie to anyone, no one small görmeyip çekmeyeceksin söylemeyeceksin again, the future is not only for the benefit of humanity, which targets belirleyeceksin. It targets brain scratch destination yürüyeceksin. You will then, everyone walked around your destination you will to turn from the path, but you never yürüyeceksin the target while changing direction. What you are is not what you’ll climb over obstacles with the principle that deserves you, everyone moves without waiting for a response, to help “trying to make since I honestly just so öğrenerekten God’s permission and with prayers of the sevdiklerimin
Unlu Ağyol: Think someone you want to cultivate and or?

Erdal Ozkaya:Every week at least 4 times 12 is going across, I am trying to help everyone communicate koparmayan sup. Again, I’m going to the Conference, each çağırıldığım (I’m talking about the free ones, of course) I am trying to learn the information and tell the young people’s birikimlerimi. I’m writing And I can’t find the time “to cultivate enough that so many people was that, that I am ready to train everyone I light up your learning.

Unlu Ağyol: Experiencing the most serious/critical security problem?
Erdal Ozkaya:Instructors all over the world almost before I installed computer networks, so much so that I have a problem that I don’t know which one yazsam. Blog on one of the U.S. ‘s largest Computing magazines before, I have a problem, you can look up pouring wishing published.

Unlu Ağyol: Who is the person/people you sample in the world of information security?
Erdal Ozkaya:Mark Russinovich desem? I’ve known it personally (of course much much later). One of the very good and knowledgeable.

Unlu Ağyol: Security software you use most in the world?
Erdal Ozkaya:GFI Lan Guard Core Impact from Core Security and, of course, at the beginning of the list to be always by my side … and Backtrack Wireshark
Unlu Ağyol: In the field of information security which you follow the blog/sites/would you recommend?
Erdal Ozkaya:Its my blog joke joke :) )
at the top of my list …

Unlu Ağyol: The chance to do it again, though, appeared in information security field, select?
Erdal Ozkaya:No desem! I’m telling you, every day it turns my head so much development going on that I’m not receiving sometimes But even me, I love my job, let us seen this fate here’s what reva

Unlu Ağyol: How to define a güvenlikçi in brief? That is, those who follow you, and you will get sample person model?
Erdal Ozkaya:Master muscled lacquer hair and close combat, enjoy A güvenlikçi person always learning, and of course what the originator of the protection bıkmayandır.

Unlu Ağyol: We thank you for taking the time. Finally, what you want to say?
Erdal Ozkaya: The motherland will be very difficult in maybe ulaşmamın me ulaştırdığınız thank you very much for the people. To contact me blogumu and you can follow twitter‘ IMI. I hope you’ll pick up the invitation I received from all over the world also from Turkey. There come many of you with tanışabilirim. A big thanks to the Unlu Ağyol and …

Best wishes,