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Local DNS Hacking : Force your End Users to use “your site” Laugh at mates 1

Local DNS Hacking

Force your End Users to use “your site”

OK OK, this is not real hacking but it’s fun 🙂 As well as there are some attack types, where the browser is been hijacked so the User can’t go to some specific web pages or the user will be forced to open that page as soon as they use they Internet browser, where the user will be directed to the FAKE/ phishing web page or malware loaded local site)

By default, when a Windows PC User tries to open a website from a browser, Windows will try to resolve the website name to its IP address from the local DNS cache.

The local cache is stored :


If this fails, it will query the host file and if there is no entry to the website there , then it will contact the DNS server which is set up in your NIC (Network Card) .

If there is any entry in the local cache , the PC will load or block that site depending on your settings. To make sure there is nothing in the DNS cache, you have to clear it so the little fun trick can work on your “victim” user or if you can :

open CMD and type “ipconfig /flushdns” or restart the DNS service from the services tab.

Open the file via typing “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” in to the search area in your start menu

This will open the HOST File for you ( it will ask you, how you want to open the file type, select via NOTEPAD) , which is inside the “etc” section of your drivers

add an entry as below:

( being the website you want to block. Save the hosts file outside the etc folder and then move it there, replacing the older version, as Windows won’t let you save the file there directly. Also make sure there’s no extension like .txt at the end of the file name) 

This way whenever a user tries to go to, their browser redirects them to which is the local host. Or maybe you can redirect them to an HTML page stating the reason why that page is blocked from within your organization.

PS: It’s always a good practice to “copy the original” HOST file, so when the FUN is over, everything can be loaded to its original state.

Enjoy 🙂


Hacking is easy by Erdal Ozkaya
Hacking is easy by Erdal Ozkaya