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Qatar Hybrid Cloud & Data Center Summit 2021

Qatar Hybrid Cloud & Data Center Summit 2021

I will be speaking at the event which is sponsored by Microsoft… Join us if you can :

Driving Business Innovation while Reducing Costs, Improving Productivity with Agility & Scalability in the Next Normal. Preparing IT Leaders for the Next Normal is the key for business success & continuity. I&O leaders have adapted rapidly to remote workforces and cost pressures, while keeping core systems operational and resilient. Its imperative Cloud Computing has been the rescuer to enabling people to work remotely and keep business-critical services going throughout the pandemic.

Now the IT Leaders are keen for insights on how to best prepare for the next normal. The conference agenda will focus on how can your business better benefit from a cloud-based system, and how can it help to attract more revenue streams? It will help you virtually find your answers with objective topic coverage with the top trends. It would assist your enterprise in all aspects of cloud computing technology, systems, applications, and business innovations to be agile, innovative, and secure. Paving the way to success.

When : March 22-23

Registration : Qatar Hybrid Cloud & Data Center Summit (

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