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Recommend web sites for IT Security Pros : Free 2 learn

Recommend web sites for IT Security Pros

Since I am delivering many FREE online classes, I started to receive if not hundreds, tens of emails nearly every day from people across the globe asking my help on how they become a Security Professional like me .
Of course this is not one night thing, or there is no secret recipe, I am in the industry for so many years , but the way to success is always same.
Read -> study -> practice -> read again -> research and -> Never give Up

This is a nonstop process , as the Cybersecurity industry is never stopping and Cybercriminals, Nation States are always a step ahead of us who wants to defend. ( So it’s not an easy job to be a defender)

Beside gaining certifications ( like EC Council, SANS, ISC, Logical Operations etc) a good start is keep an eye EVERY SINGLE DAY on the news on what is happening around us. For that I have listed few web sites, which some of you might know… I would recommend that you would start looking at them every day, and start reading on what is going on around you

Below is my TOP web sites , feel free to reach me out and let me know your TOP Web sites as well.  Happy reading /learning

PS: I will keep updating the web sites. ( as much as I can )

MY TOP Security Websites:

– Microsoft Malware Protection Center

– Threatpost

Threatpost | The first stop for security news

– Comodo Blog



-Traffic Analyzer




-Journey into IR


-Secure List

Securelist – Kaspersky’s cyberthreat research and reports

-ReddIt NetSec


Recommended web sites for IT Security Pros
Recommended web sites for IT Security Pros

We all know that the information security world is constantly evolving, making it increasingly important to keep up with the latest threat, breach, or vulnerability that may be exposing risk to your organization.

There are many security publications, sites, and even blogs that are great resources to learn how to keep you and your organization safe.

Here are a few cybersecurity websites that we thought were better* than the rest:

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