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Reuters Erdal Ozkaya speaks at Microsoft Azure roadshow (2015) – Join for free

Reuters Erdal Ozkaya speaks at Microsoft Azure roadshow

Leading value added distributor, emt Distribution’s CISO Erdal addresses the Microsoft Azure community at the roadshow

DUBAI, UAE – 24th May 2015: emt Distribution, the leading global value added distributor in Middle East today announced that its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) was among the key speakers at Microsoft Azure roadshow that was held recently at Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Ozkaya will also be addressing the Microsoft Azure community that will be gathered at the roadshow in Kuwait on 2nd June 2015.

Azure is the Microsoft cloud platform, which nothing but a growing collection of integrated services–compute, storage, data, networking, and app that help businesses move faster, do more, and save money. It is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This powerful combination of managed and unmanaged services lets enterprises build, deploy, and manage applications as per their choice.

Azure supports any operating system, language, tool, and framework– from Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, C# to Java. It puts the best of Windows and Linux ecosystems at together to build great applications and services that work with every device. It runs on a growing global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 19 regions, giving a wide range of options for running applications and ensuring great performance.

During the roadshow, Ozkaya made a presentation, and discussed the details about Microsoft Azure Security at length. He explained the fundamentals of Azure security, including threat defense, network security, access control, and data protection as well as the commitments Azure makes to safeguard the privacy of customer data.

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Reuters Erdal Ozkaya speaks at Microsoft