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Siber Güvenlikte Tehdit Avcılığı- Free Webinar May 2020

Siber Güvenlikte Tehdit Avcılığı (Threat Hunting)

This webinar will be in Turkish …

Siber tehditlerin artması ve saldırı vektörlerinin çeşitlilik göstermesiyle birlikte, güvenlik sistemlerinin yetersiz kaldığı bir çok nokta bulunmaktadır. Bu anlamda sistemleriniz içerisinde neler olduğunu anlamak ve saldırgan bakış açısı ile yorumlayabilmek için tehdit avcılığı yöntemlerini ele alacağımız webcast’imize sizleri bekleriz.


13.05.2020 14:00 – 13.05.2020 15:00


Online / Istanbul / Turkey




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Threat Hunting

Some malicious files may still successfully bypass your defenses. If undetected, these files can gather confidential materials or login credentials for months or years. If you don’t have the detection capabilities you need to hunt these malicious actors down, they will continue to do so. A good defense needs both endpoint security and proactive threat detection.

Bloomfield, NJ –News Direct– Xcitium

Xcitium, formerly known as Comodo Security Solutions, debuted its new threat map during last week’s Black Hat USA 2022 in Las Vegas. The platform allows users to monitor ransomware and other malware and see undetected threats targeting networks across the globe in real time. More than 900 participants were able to observe demonstrations during the four-day Blackhat event and the threat map is now available online.

This comes on the heels of Xcitium’s launch of ZeroThreat™, a patented endpoint technology that is the only solution on the market entirely eliminating potential damage from ransomware and other malware by isolating threats and rendering them ineffective.

“Our goal with this new threat map is to prove just how many of these threats are going undetected by other endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms allowing ransomware and other malware to dwell inside networks,” said Denmark Francisco, Chief Marketing Officer at Xcitium. “Xcitium ZeroThreat™ makes dwell time obsolete with patented Kernel-level API Virtualization technology that instantly contains unknown threats to determine their intent before they inflict any damage.”

Black Hat USA attendees awarded Xctium’s booth a 4.67 / 5.00 score including the Threat Map display, product demonstrations, and overall booth experience which included a coffee bar with two baristas! It’s the latest accolade for the company that was also recently honored by Frost & Sullivan with the Best Practices Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the Global Endpoint Security Industry. Xcitium’s new ZeroThreat™ is the cornerstone of a new suite of products that includes Advanced EDR and extended Managed Detection and Response X/MDR.

“We created this with the needs of our global customers in mind. There are more than 300,000 unknown threats and files released daily. How do you know which ones are safe and which ones are malicious? You simply can’t,” said Francisco. “We created our threat map to make enterprises aware of the urgency for ZeroThreat prevention before any detection is needed to keep their endpoints safe.”

For additional information and to see a live demonstration of Xcitum’s threat map go to

About Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence

Knowing your threat actors together with your weaknesses and the technology will master your defense


  • Gain practical experience with cyber threat intelligence by using the book’s lab sections.
  • Improve your CTI skills by designing a threat intelligence system.
  • Assisting you in bridging the gap between cybersecurity teams.
  • Developing your knowledge of Cyber Intelligence tools and how to choose them.


When your business assets are threatened or exposed to cyber risk, you want a high-quality threat hunting team armed with cutting-edge threat intelligence to build the shield. Unfortunately, regardless of how effective your cyber defense solutions are, if you are unfamiliar with the tools, strategies, and procedures used by threat actors, you will be unable to stop them.

This book is intended to provide you with the practical exposure necessary to improve your cyber threat intelligence and hands-on experience with numerous CTI technologies. This book will teach you how to model threats by gathering adversarial data from various sources, pivoting on the adversarial data you have collected, developing the knowledge necessary to analyse them and discriminating between bad and good information.

The book develops and hones the analytical abilities necessary for extracting, comprehending, and analyzing threats comprehensively. The readers will understand the most common indicators of vulnerability that security professionals can use to determine hacking attacks or threats in their systems quickly. In addition, the reader will investigate and illustrate ways to forecast the scope of attacks and assess the potential harm they can cause.


Amazon: Click Here

BPB Online: Click Here

You can also find the book in Google – Apple Books and select bookstores


  • Hands-on experience in developing a powerful and robust threat intelligence model.
  • Acquire the ability to gather, exploit, and leverage adversary data.
  • Recognize the difference between bad intelligence and good intelligence.
  • Creating heatmaps and various visualization reports for better insights.
  • Investigate the most typical indicators of security compromise.
  • Strengthen your analytical skills to understand complicated threat scenarios better.


The book is designed for aspiring Cyber Threat Analysts, Security Analysts, Cybersecurity specialists, Security Consultants, and Network Security Professionals who wish to acquire and hone their analytical abilities to identify and counter threats quickly.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics of Threat Analysis and Modeling
  2. Formulate a Threat Intelligence Model
  3. Adversary Data Collection Sources & Methods
  4. Pivoting Off and Extracting Adversarial Data
  5. Primary Indicators of Security Compromise
  6. Identify & Build Indicators of Compromise
  7. Conduct Threat Assessments in Depth
  8. Produce Heat Maps, Infographics & Dashboards
  9. Build Reliable & Robust Threat Intelligence System
  10. Learn Statistical Approaches for Threat Intelligence
  11. Develop Analytical Skills for Complex Threats
  12. Planning for Disaster
BPB Online Promoting the book
BPB Online CTI Dr Erdal Ozkaya

About Dr Erdal Ozkaya (author)

Named among Top 50 Technology Larders by IDC and CIO Online, Dr. Ozkaya is working with an ardent passion for raising cyber awareness and leveraging new and innovative approaches.

Currently he is the CISO of Comodo Cybersecurity, where he came from Standard Chartered Bank, and was the Regional Chief Information Security Officer and Managing Director Before Standard Chartered Bank, he was a Trusted Security Advisor and Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft, where he perfected the art of mapping customer business problems to technology solutions.

He remains committed to delivering accurate, accessible resources to inform individuals and organizations of cybersecurity and privacy matters in the internet age.

Dr. Ozkaya is a collaborative team leader with expertise spanning end-to-end IT solutions, management, communications, and innovation. He is a well-known public speaker, an award-winning technical expert, author, and creator of certifications (courseware and exams) for prestigious organizations such as Microsoft, EC Council, and other expert-level vendors.

LinkedIn Profile: Dr. Erdal Ozkaya

Blog Link:


What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

What is Threat Modeling?

BPB Online CTI

Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence

How to Formulate a Threat Intelligence Model

practical cyber threat intelligence pdf –  practical cyber security – practical cyber threat intelligence gather – actor motives targets and attacks – What are four types of cyber threat intelligence? – What are the key concepts of cyber threat intelligence?

How threat hunting works

A successful threat hunting program is based on an environment’s data fertility. In other words, an organization must first have an enterprise security system in place, collecting data. The information gathered from it provides valuable clues for threat hunters.

Cyber threat hunters bring a human element to enterprise security, complementing automated systems. They are skilled IT security professionals who search, log, monitor and neutralize threats before they can cause serious problems. Ideally, they’re security analysts from within a company’s IT department who knows its operations well, but sometimes they’re an outside analyst.

Source : IBM

Siber Güvenlikte Tehdit Avcılığı – Free Webinar May 2020

Siber Güvenlikte Tehdit Avcılığı – Free Webinar May 2020

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