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Singapore Cybersecurity Meetup – Free for every1

Singapore Cybersecurity Meetup

If you are in Singapore and you want to join our Cybersecurity community meet up, join us at JW Marriott Hotel, Business Center at 7 PM, we will have some Pizza’s as well as some soft drinks as well as great content to cover. This is a Community Event, so Its FREE for everyone who wants to join.

Dr Erdal Ozkaya will be the main speaker of the event with the below agenda

  • Current Cyber Landscape in Singapore
  • Cybersecurity Kill Chain
  • Attack Demo – Phishing attack
  • Attack Demo – Escalating Privileges and pawning the domain controller
  • Lessons learned

Registrain details :

29 May 2019

7 PM JW Marriott Singapore Lobby ( if you are late please ask the reception)

PS: If you are fasting we will have Halal food at the iftar time

Registration: RSVP in the contact section of this blog , or click below πŸ˜‰


CyberAttack Singapore Erdal
CyberAttack Singapore Erdal