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Helping the Younger Generation Erdal Ozkaya

Helping the Younger Generation – Free Twich session

Helping the Younger Generation I am really hopeful of the younger generation, we had a great Community chat with more then 400 young geeks in twitch . The session was interactive and really fun, and the feedback was amazing, were we answered lots of questions from about how to start a successful IT Career , success accelerators and many other [...]

Oxford University Security Meetup Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Oxford University Security Meetup -2019

Oxford University Security Meetup If you are in Oxford don't miss out our Cybersecurity community meet up with lectures from University of Oxford like Dr. Emre Eren Korkmaz , Ozan Ucar and myself :) We will talk about the Future of Cybersecurity , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and of course we will listen to the students answer their questions, where the students will [...]