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Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified by Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified – New Book (2021)

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified Today, I am thrilled to announce my new book "Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified " will start to become available on December 5. Below you can read more about the book: About this book The chief information security officer (CISO) is responsible for an organization's information and data security. The CISO's role is challenging as it demands a solid technical foundation [...]

CyberAttack Singapore Erdal

CyberAttack Singapore 2020- Join us for Free

CyberAttack Singapore One more great conference announcement, which i will be attending as speaker : CyberAttack Singapore 2020 will not be “just another cyber security conference”. CyberAttack Singapore 2020 is aimed at presenting an event where participants will achieve their “ah-hah” moments from the Spot On sessions which are straight-to-the-point talks that are concise and problem solving. Participants will also have a [...]

How CISOs can reduce risk? Empower your knowledge for free 2021

How CISOs can reduce risk? Interview with Intelligence CIO Magazine : Cyberthreats are increasing in volume and complexity across the Middle East. To be ahead of the game, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to continuously review their cybersecurity processes and practices to ensure that adequate and effective systems are in place. Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Regional Chief Information Security Officer, [...]

Deception A Cyber-Defense Strategy Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Deception A Cyber-Defense Strategy for the Next Normal : Exc1usive Free Webinar

Deception A Cyber-Defense Strategy for the Next Normal Threat detection and response for evolving and distributed attack surfaces Over the last three months, we've seen digital transformation journeys accelerate across the business world, creating a new set of security challenges. Attackers have a very different view of a world where internal applications are exposed to the Internet and endpoints reside outside [...]

Security Kaizen Erdal

Interview With Erdal Ozkaya, Helpful Tips on Security

Interview With Erdal Ozkaya, Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer   Can you please introduce yourself to security Kaizen magazine readers (bio, experience, history) ? Erdal is an Australian IT Security Guru with business development and management skills who focuses on Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, IT Auditing and sharing his real life skills as a Lecturer/ Trainer and is currently working as Chief Information [...]