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Tag - Cyber crime

New Book: Inside the Dark Web

I am proud to announce my new book which I authored with support of Dr. Rafiqul Islam, who is a lecturer at Australian Charles Sturt University, where our book will be also used as the Core Book of ITS 578 Dark Web ( http://www.csu.edu.au/handbook/handbook19/subjects/ITC578.html ) The book is Scheduled to be released in June 10 and if you wish you [...]

Keynote at Brand Protection Congress

Brand protection congress what a great event!. it was a pleasure to deliver the keynote on “Importance of Cybersecurity for protecting your brand”. I was pleased to read your feedback about my Keynote, which addressed the issues that everyone face, "Cyber Crime" and what you can do to protect your brand Thank you Munich for welcoming me back where [...]