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Speaking at CyberAttack Singapore 2020

One more great conference announcement, which i will be attending as speaker : CyberAttack Singapore 2020 will not be “just another cyber security conference”. CyberAttack Singapore 2020 is aimed at presenting an event where participants will achieve their “ah-hah” moments from the Spot On sessions which are straight-to-the-point talks that are concise and problem solving. Participants will also have a role [...]

Understanding the cost of a cybersecurity attack: The losses organizations face

http://qualitytechnews.com/understanding-the-cost-of-a-cybersecurity-attack-the-losses-organizations-face-packt-hub/ The average cost of a cybersecurity attack has been increasing over time. The rewards to hackers in cyberheists have also been increasing, and this has been motivating them to come up with even better tools and techniques in order to allow them to steal more money and data. Several cybersecurity companies have listed their estimates for the average costs [...]