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Knowing the threat actors behind a cyber attack

This article is an excerpt taken from our latest book Hands-On Cybersecurity for Finance written by  Milad Aslaner and myself. In this book you will learn how to successfully defend your system against common cyber threats, making sure your financial services are a step ahead in terms of security. In this article, you will understand the different types of threat [...]

South Africa Financial Security

Empowering every person and organization to do more in Cybersecurity, we had a great Microsoft Cyber Roadshow for the financial sector in South Africa, part of the African Road Show. I am overwhelmed with the feedback received. We met with more then 20 banks in many countries. Thank you again for the great questions. We are here to help

Understanding the cost of a cybersecurity attack: The losses organizations face

http://qualitytechnews.com/understanding-the-cost-of-a-cybersecurity-attack-the-losses-organizations-face-packt-hub/ The average cost of a cybersecurity attack has been increasing over time. The rewards to hackers in cyberheists have also been increasing, and this has been motivating them to come up with even better tools and techniques in order to allow them to steal more money and data. Several cybersecurity companies have listed their estimates for the average costs [...]

Lagos Cybersecurity

Part of our "Cybersecurity for Financial Industry " road show , I was in Lagos Nigeria today, and below is the feedback < 3 Thank you, Erdal for today's Cybersecurity workshop. It was a wonderful experience under your tutelage Idowu Rachael Thank you, Erdal for today's Cybersecurity conversations Desi Good work Erdal & Microsoft Nigeria, we need to continue to empower our customers [...]

Africa Financial sector Cybersecurity Road Show

Empowering every person and organization to do more in Cybersecurity , we had a great Microsoft Cyber Roadshow for the financial sector in Africa in the past few weeks. I visited Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa during our tour. Reached out to all major banks , had meetings with many CEO ,CIO and CISO's as well as other [...]

Award by certAE

Toady is a very special day , I moved to Dubai exactly one year ago today. (2014) And today I was awarded by the Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team for my contributions in the UAE Cybersecurity community. The award was given to me right after my Workshop which was organized by the Telecommunications Regularity Authority (TRA) and the Central [...]