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Network Forensics Erdal Ozkaya

Network Forensics – Learn 4 Free

Network Forensics https://youtu.be/oq_N9yW9m3w   Network Forensics Explore network forensics, along with case studies, best practices, and online analysis techniques. More Video's    This is the 3th and last video of this course Is your organization moving toward the cloud? If you are in IT today, the answer is most likely yes. And, that being the case, security is probably a concern. Join experts Raymond Comvalius and Erdal...

CompTIA working on Cyber

CompTIA working on Cyber Unfortunately I am under NDA and not fully disclose what I am doing this week, but I can tell you that I am at the CompTIA Head Quarters this week working on a new Cybersecurity Certification as Subject Matter Expert :) CompTIA working on Cyber (more…)

Ankara Cyber Meetup at DIFOSE – Free 2 join

Ankara Cyber Meetup DIFOSE hosted today a Cybersecurity even where Sukru Durmaz, Hakan Ekizer and I spoke to Gazi University, Computer Engineering Group , final year students on how they can shape their careers better in this field. I love to be with the younger generation. Thank you DIFOSE for hosting this event and inviting me   For more Free Events https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/free-events/