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Why researching IT Security?

Why researching IT Security There is nearly every week an IT Security incident, more and more corporations and individuals are getting hit by Cyber Criminals. Based on commercial Kaspersky Security Bulletin (Kaspersky Security Bulletin, 2017) and Symantec Security report (Symantec Internet Security Threat Report ) the number of IT-related attacks are increasing...
SMBIT National Conference Erdal

SMBIT National Conference -2014 Free

SMBIT National Conference I am proud to announce that I will be speaking at the SMBIT Professionals National Conference this October. My session will be focused for how Small Businesses can secure their companies from hackers. Don't forget to register and join for free About SMBIT SMBiT Professionals is...
Hacking Countermeasures Erdal Ozkaya

Hacking Countermeasures Lecture 4: Free Short Course

Hacking Countermeasures Lecture 4 Module 5: System Hacking Module 6: Trojans and Backdoors Module 7 : Viruses and Worms Demo: See how Malware infects our systems! Erdal Ozkaya Hacking Countermeasures Hacking Countermeasures – Free Hacking Training Join Charles Sturt Universities course for FREE:  Module 1: Introduction to Hacking Countermeasures Module 2: Foot printing and Reconnaissance Demo: How do hackers...

Speaking at TechEd North America 14

Speaking at TechEd North America I am proud to announce I will be speaking at Microsoft TechEd North America this year again. My sessions for this year Social Engineering Manipulations , Targeted Attacks and IT Security Bulletproofing your Network Security Hacker Tools to protect windows clients Milad Aslaner ( PFE...
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Network Security Administrator (ENSA) Free Certification Week 4

Network Security Administrator (ENSA) Free Certification Week Lecture 4: Hardening Operating Systems Hardening Modems Hardening Networks Patch Management Log Analysis Network Vulnerability Assessment DEMO: How to secure your IT environment - Exam review Network Security Administrator  (more…)