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Privacy in Social Media

Privacy in Social Media – Important for your online safety (2019)

Privacy in Social Media My new research about Privacy of "Social Media" has been accepted to get published in a journal book... Security is my passion and I will continue to work hard to help securing the cyberspace as much as I can For more info : To check the book in Amazon Privacy in- Social Media

Book of Short Papers

Book of Short Papers 2017

Book of Short Papers An Academic book has reached my library, Charles Sturt University "Book of Short Papers 2017" chapter which I have contributed to as Co Author "Social Media and Fake News" . This was a milestone to get my academic "Doctor" title My Books  Book of Short Papers (more…)

Security and Privacy in Communications Networks Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Security and Privacy In Communication Network New Book :

Security and Privacy In Communication Network I am proud to announce an Academic book which I have contributed as researcher / Co author… The book " Security and Privacy In Communication Network" is just being published from Springer Cybersecurity Privacy To see all my books click here  (more…)

Why researching IT Security?

Why researching IT Security There is nearly every week an IT Security incident, more and more corporations and individuals are getting hit by Cyber Criminals. Based on commercial Kaspersky Security Bulletin (Kaspersky Security Bulletin, 2017) and Symantec Security report (Symantec Internet Security Threat Report ) the number of IT-related attacks are increasing and more end users are getting affected. And the researcher aims to find better ways to...