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Free Internet Security Threat Report

Free Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec 2019

Free Internet Security Threat Report

Formjacking. Targeted Attacks. Living off the Land. Coming for Your Business.

Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report takes a deep dive into insights from the world’s largest civilian global intelligence network, revealing:

  • Formjacking attacks skyrocketed, with an average of 4,800 websites compromised each month.
  • Ransomware shifted targets from consumers to enterprises, where infections rose 12 percent.
  • More than 70 million records stolen from poorly configured S3 buckets, a casualty of rapid cloud adoption.
  • Supply chains remained a soft target with attacks ballooning by 78 percent.
  • “Smart speaker, get me a cyber attack” — IoT was a key entry point for targeted attacks; most IoT devices are vulnerable.

Symantec’s exhaustive research is informed by 123 million sensors recording thousands of threat events every second from 157 countries and territories. Use this unparalleled intelligence to your advantage by downloading the Symantec 2019 Internet Security Threat Report. Continue reading Free Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec 2019


Why researching IT Security?

Why researching IT Security There is nearly every week an IT Security incident, more and more corporations and individuals are getting hit by Cyber Criminals. Based on commercial Kaspersky Security Bulletin (Kaspersky Security Bulletin, 2017) and Symantec Security report (Symantec Internet Security Threat Report ) the number of IT-related attacks are increasing and more end users are getting affected. And the researcher […]