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Microsoft Tech Ed Australia 2013

Microsoft Tech Ed Australia 2013 is over. For those of you who missed it, here’s just a little taste of what you missed: So, every visit to TechEd is about education, swag gathering and clueing up on more Microsoft 1’s and 0’s, right…I love Microsoft Tech Ed, my 3th Tech Ed which i spoke this year has ended with huge [...]

Microsoft Ignite Edal

TechEd Australia 2010

TechEd ( Ignite) Australia 2010 Microsoft Ignite Edal TechEd Australia Microsoft Ignite  Erdal About Microsoft Ignite from Wikipedia  Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference for developers and IT professionals hosted by Microsoft. It has taken place in several locations around the world. The first conference, then known as TechEd, happened in 1993 in Orlando, Florida, United States. The 2014 TechEd in Barcelona marked the last event using that name. Microsoft altered its conference [...]

Best speaker Erdal ozkaya

Speaker of the year by Microsoft 2008

Speaker of the year award by Microsoft Australia  I feel great honor for receiving this important recognition award that is' best speaker of the year. As there were many wonderful speakers like Mark Russionovic in the conference, this award is becoming even more valuable to mo. I am very thankful to the attendees, as without their feedback I could not win the award, [...]


Orin Thomas interviewed by Erdal ( watch 4 free )

Orin Thomas interviewed by Erdal MS Press author Orin Thomas was also in Tech Ed Australia as Speaker, I asked him his thoughts! Erdal Who is Orin Thomas ? Orin has written more than 40 books for Microsoft Press. A recognized cloud and datacenter expert, he has authored video based training for Pluralsight and instructor led training for Microsoft Learning on datacenter and [...]