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Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies v3

The Security Noob Feedback

The Security Noob Feedback Cybersecurity Attacks and Defenses Strategies 3rd Edition by Yuri Diogenes & Dr Erdal Ozkaya REVIEW This is great feedback shared by The Security Noob about our best selling and award-winning book. You can read the feedback directly in his page via this link: The Secuity Noob is the award winner of […]


Thank you for the feedback < 3

Thank you for the feedback Thank you for the 327+ attendees who joined my session at Global CIO Forum ‘s Global Transformation Summit, I like the feedback about my session ” Think like your Attacker, The feedback was awesome, which is motivating me to do more in my externally busy work schedule .   Thank […]

Webinar Feedback -2020

Vinay@vinay_c_j·Mar 21 @Erdal_Ozkaya@CharlesSturtUni and @ITMastersCSU That was an excellent session last night Thank You Mary @Mary84207780·Mar 20 It is very informative!! Great Learning specially to new ones. @Erdal_Ozkaya@ITMastersCSU Nouman Khan @noumanqkhan·Mar 20 Great presentation on “Cyber Security update” from @Erdal_Ozkaya Joe@mckinnonjoe1·Mar 20 @ITMastersCSU@Erdal_Ozkaya#CybersecurityForFinance Liking the presentation Paul Angus @p_angus·Mar 20 @Erdal_Ozkaya@ITMastersCSU#cybersecurity we all need more […]

MS Ignite Spotlight Dr Erdal Ozkaya

MS Ignite Spotlight Session , Great feedback 10

Halt Hackers : DO those tricks still work with Windows 10 , our session is under the spotlight. Don’t forget to register to MS Ignite and if you have already registered, make sure to attend our session which is all about Security MS Ignite :

Microsoft Azure Meetup Feedback Edal

Azure Meetup Feedback – Join us 4 Free

Azure Meetup Feedback And one more successful event is over , thank you for the great feedback , below are some examples, for the rest feel free to follow me in Twitter @Erdal_Ozkaya : Erdal thank you for the wonderful session Mithani Krunal Erdal is the best ever , I learned a lot about Azure […]

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