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Does Apple spy on your iPhone? Feedback from Gartner / Microsoft (2019)

Does Apple spy ?

I am sure most of you read by now my article “Apple and Privacy “, for the ones who did not I highly recommend to read it,( here is the link ) below are some public feedback which I have received via LinkedIn from Gartner, Microsoft, Australian Government employees. I will also share some of the feedbacks which I have received via Twitter and Facebook as well. Hopefully, it will help you to get convinced to read and apply the recommendations.

Feedback from Gartner

My former Microsoft colleague and current Head of Information and Cyber Security at Standard Chartered Bank, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, has put together this article to guide iPhone users on how to protect their privacy. Enjoy reading. I personally found it very useful and applied the great recommendations mentioned in this article.

Aly Yaghi

Director of Business Development at Gartner

Feedback from Microsoft

Thanks Dr. Erdal Ozkaya for putting this together .

Mina Nagy

Cybersecurity Business Lead Microsoft


Guide to downloading personal data held on you by Apple, Google and Facebook. I can’t wait to download mine at the weekend. Your data is worth far more than you think? .

Fred Alale

Senior Manager at Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria ( Australia)


We are sharing our data without thinking the consequences via our devices, How can we limit what we share with Apple ? How can we delete our data from Facebook and Google. Let’s read Erdal’s fantastic article

Ipek Aral

HR Director


A great read from one of my former colleagues.

Jeff Chin

Global Cyber Defense Specialist Microsoft


Thank you very much for the information you shared.

Eyyob Lemma CEO

To read the article :

Does Apple spy on iPhone ?
Does Apple spy on iPhone ?

Apple and Privacy

Does Apple spy’s on your iPhone? Gartner / Microsoft Feedback