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[email protected]_c_j·Mar 21 @Erdal_Ozkaya@CharlesSturtUni and @ITMastersCSU

That was an excellent session last night Thank You

Mary @Mary84207780·Mar 20

It is very informative!! Great Learning specially to new ones. @Erdal_Ozkaya@ITMastersCSU

Nouman Khan @noumanqkhan·Mar 20

Great presentation on “Cyber Security update” from @Erdal_Ozkaya

[email protected]
·Mar 20 @ITMastersCSU@Erdal_Ozkaya#CybersecurityForFinance

Liking the presentation

Paul Angus @p_angus
·Mar 20 @Erdal_Ozkaya@ITMastersCSU#cybersecurity

we all need more knowledge!

Alumanda [email protected]·Mar 20

Interesting webinar @ITMastersCSU very enlightening @Erdal_Ozkaya open my eyes to some of the things I may not pay attention to.I believe #CyberSecurityforFinance is important because we are living in a word that largely depends on technology & it will be wise to ensure safety

Oliver [email protected]
·Mar 20

Very interesting talk happening right now about cyber security with Dr.Ozkaya at the moment @ITMastersCSU@Erdal_Ozkaya

Damien [email protected]·Mar 20

Joining in listening to the knowledgeable @Erdal_Ozkaya in an @ITMastersCSU cyber security webinar as I work my way through my IT Masters @CharlesSturtUni#CyberSecurityForFinance

[email protected]·Mar 20@Erdal_Ozkaya

thank you for the webinar.

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