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AMEX Statement Security – Worse 2 see

AMEX Statement Security

AMEX  ( American Express) States that “Security is their Priority), and I do respect that, and to be honest I do expect that from them.

Again based on AMEX web site they state that,

Our role in Data Security us ( their card members) rely on American Express for the highest level of service and protection

American Express is a founding member of the PCI Security Standards Council. The Council is designed to manage the ongoing evolution of the PCI Data Security Standard and to foster its adoption in the payment card industry. Through our participation in the Council, American Express continues our commitment to pursue all aspects of Data Security with diligence. ( Fore more details please check here


And below is a proof that THEY ARE NOT following what THEY ARE STATING!

My AMEX Statement of Account ( Edited) and a proof in writing how their security SUCKS!

1) My name is spelled wrong (Since 2007) , I called them at least 10 times to get it fixed, result, just guess 🙂

2) My Card or membership number is shown as XXXX-XXXXXX-912345  (as it should be) now just scroll down and have a look in the CARD NUMBER , just 3 inches below and you have got the card number in full …

Is this what they call SECURITY 🙁

I hope their ONLINE Security is not bad as their STATEMENT Security

AMEX Statement Security
AMEX Statement Security

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