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I will be speaking in the 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit, with 2 sessions, a breakout and a panel discussion. Here are the details

About 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit,

Digital transformation and new technologies are one of the top constraints for the retail executives, followed by cultural change, cyber security and regulatory compliance. There are many important questions to be answered such as how do you use cloud-based solutions to store and process the data? Should FinTech and banks collaborate or compete? How to fulfil regulatory guidelines? How to make efficient digital onboarding? What does a bank of the future look like? How to integrate the AI/ML across business processes? You will get all the answers to these questions and many more at the 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit, 24-25 November in Dubai.

All retail banking executives are invited to this extraordinary business meeting where you will be able to network and discuss current challenges. This exclusive retail banking technologies event will definitely provide you with lessons learned and give you valuable tips shared by senior-level decision-makers. You will also benefit from remarkable networking opportunities due to limited seats of this business meeting. Do not hesitate and book the dates 24-25 November 2020 for this inspiring and high-level retail banking technologies conference in Dubai!

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My sessions :

Breakout Session

The Evolving Landscape of Cyber

The security landscape is evolving fast and the threat actors keep finding ways to succeed in their attacks. Cyber security is a board-level issue and this presentation will discuss why it is so.
• Securing your environments
• How you can get the buy in from C-suits to your cyber projects

Interactive Panel Discussion
In this session, the audience has an opportunity to ask questions and have an open interactive discussion with the panellists.
• How to adjust business models to reflect a more digital ecosystem?
• Mobile payments and the IoT – Exploring the Middle East’s pathway to a cashless economy – Addressing the growing popularity of mobile payments & e-payments
• Improving the onboarding process through natural language processing
(NLP), biometrics, optical character recognition (OCR), etc.
• How can banks embrace collaboration in working with FinTechs &
other technology vendors to build new solutions?
• Using AI to help deliver hyper-personalised CX

Ellis WANG – Mashreq Bank
Yuri MISNIK- First Abu Dhabi Bank
Erdal OZKAYA- Standard Chartered Bank
Fahad ALTWAIJRI- Saudi British Bank

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In the banking world, there are new trends in finance occurring from Open Banking to the rise of FinTech startups that are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking. However, the current situation is unpredictable for each industry and the whole world is unable to foreseen the future clearly. At our 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit, we will discuss in depth the COVID-19 era which can be the most serious challenge to all financial institutions in nearly a century. Retail banks find themselves juggling some big priorities that require concrete steps and strategies in order to survive and keep customers satisfied. They are working to keep their distribution channels open, despite social distancing advice and functions that were never designed for remote work. Is the behaviour of customers changing? According to the World Retail Banking Report, the retail banks are facing huge pressure to transform more on customer experience since this is gaining the significant market traction. The banking environment attains digital face and customers require more platform models offering agility and scalability during uncertain times. Let’s discover what is beyond.

Future of Banking Pakistan Keynote Dr Erdal Ozkaya

The 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit has been designed to discuss the latest industry trends and developments on the market, mainly focusing on digital technologies and innovations, artificial intelligence and automation of routine work, digital transformation during the global crisis, building partnerships between banks and FinTechs, data-driven strategies, key Open Banking trends for the future, the use of APIs for the transformation to an Open Banking, regulatory compliance and much more. But the main question which is the cornerstone is: How is COVID-19 changing the face of retail banking globally? This highly interactive business meeting will provide you with the valuable information and strategic key visions from the top European banking experts who will share their insights and experience. It is the right place to enjoy friendly atmosphere thanks to limited seats, experience many networking opportunities and establish important business contacts! Attend our conference and benefit from the opportunities shared by senior-level players representing the biggest banks in Europe.