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Best Cybersecurity Blogs – Top 100 –

Best Cybersecurity Blogs I am delighted to announce that my blog has been recognized in the Top 100 Cybersecurity blogs by Feedspot.com. This would not happen without your support. THANK YOU , for keep visiting my blog and supporting my blog. I promise that I will do my best to give you the best and FREE content as much as [...]

Red Team Security Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Red Team Security Summit – 21 Join us for FREE

Red Team Security Summit Join us in the "surprisingly informal and slightly unexpected" security conference for FREE. 2 Days, 5 Workshops , 29+ myself "Speakers" :) RedTeam Security Summit is happening near here. It’s time to get ready for a virtual tour to the world of cybersecurity. The best in the field is there to guide you. Get ready to learn and [...]

InfoSec World Erdal Ozkaya

InfoSec World Security Conference 21 – Free and Online

InfoSec World Security Conference As an independent third-party neutral communication platform based in Chengdu while facing the whole world, INSEC WORLD mainly focuses on the investigation of smart-city security, 5G security, cloud & data security, IOT security as well as industrial Internet security. The conference will continue to track hot issues, from the perspective of the enterprise, to discuss the [...]

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InfoSec Con China

INSEC WORLD 成都·世界信息安全大会三顾蓉城 2021 Nice

INSEC WORLD My session in Asia's biggest Info Sec Conference is featured now in the news : Below you can find the links and the "article" Read the original news article here : Chinese  Read the English version here  Below is the articles from the web site : DIGITAL ECONOMY SECURITY IS THE KEY! INSEC WORLD CHENGDU WORLD INFORMATION SECURITY CONFERENCE SAN GUCHENG (more…)

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Malware trends – Part 2 ( Free Guide)

Malware trends Threat actors are becoming more and more sophisticated, often making it nearly impossible for enterprises to defend against them or for end customers to identify visual indicators of compromise that could prevent the next cyber attack. Even though malware and its families are not new, there is no shortage of new payload and exploitation techniques. On the dark web, [...]

VMware error

VMware error ” Unable to open kernel device “\\.\VMCIDev\VMX ” – S1mple & Effective

VMware error " Unable to open kernel device "\\.\VMCIDev\VMX "   Are you getting the bellow error and don't know how to move ahead, below is an easy fix for your problem " Unable to open kernel device "\\.\VMCIDev\VMX" Module DevicePowerOn power on failed. " VMware error   Steps to fox 1> Open your default VM's location , in my case: C:\Users\erdalo\Documents\Virtual Machines\Windows 10x 2> Find and edit  [...]

World CIO 200

World CIO Summit – 2021 Great networking opportunities

World CIO Summit Its the time again, to end the year with a great event, since 2018 , I am proud to be part of the Global CIO Summit which will be held this year in Ajman , UAE. I will be delivering 2 sessions and record my Sentinel's Talk Show during the event When : 5-6 December 2021 Where : Fairmont [...]


The Malware Plague – Part 1

The Malware Plague Malicious software—commonly referred to as malware—is used by threat actors to perform malicious activities on a host system. These malicious activities include compromising the corporate network, identity theft, and data exfiltration. The evolution of connected devices and the fact that it has become practically impossible to run an enterprise without a computer has increased the volume of [...]

CISO Workshop by Erdal Ozkaya

CISO Master Class at Hack KSA

CISO Masterclass at Hack KSA I am happy to announce that I am going to deliver a CISO Workshop at Hack event in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year. At its launch @Hack will be one of the world’s largest infosec shows – bringing together global CISOs from front page companies, elite ethical hackers, more Black Hat trainers that anywhere except [...]