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Business Transformation Summit 2021 – Saudi Arabia edition – Free

Business Transformation Summit 2021 – Saudi Arabia edition (BTX 2021) 

I will be speaking this year at the BTX Show and Transformation Awards 2021. First I will introduce Global CISO Forum for KSA and then Moderate the “Security Transformation Panel – panel with Meshal AlOtaibi, (Specialized by STC) ,Vivek Silla (Public Investment Fund ) ,and  Navaneethan M, (UPay).

Session Name :

Introduction to Global CISO Forum by Dr. Erdal Ozkaya

Panel Name :

Security Transformation Panel


28 /06/ 2012 4 PM KSA Time

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About BTX

GEC Media Group, publishers of Business Transformation, Enterprise Channels MEA, The Titans, Cyber Sentinels, are pleased to announce the launch of the BTX Road Show 2021. This road show focusing on digital and business transformation will use the overlying theme – The Change.

The half-day event road show will take place across the months of June, July, and August 2021. BTX Road Show will have four regional editions including North Gulf, South Gulf, Asia Pacific, and Africa. These four editions will be hosted out of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Ghana.

The pandemic of 2020 disrupted virtually every industry and every nation. Citizens, social fabrics, businesses, supply chains, trade, communication, value systems, workplaces, leisure, entertainment, decision making, almost everything conceivable had to adapt and change and survive.

Information technology and business applications and strategic decision making around how to support everyday life through technology, has also had to adapt. This has prompted the need to relook at business and the IT organisation, the executives, operations, survival mantras, decision making, and finally outlook and forward-looking vision.

The meaning of business continuity, disaster recovery, collaboration, virtual meetings, remote workforce, cloud, security, have overnight changed from esoteric into every day work life meanings.

Business Transformation Summit 2021 - Saudi Arabia edition

Business Transformation Summit 2021 – Saudi Arabia edition Dr Erdal Ozkaya


  • Learn how digital and business transformation can future proof your enterprise
  • Learn how regional enterprises successfully pivoted during the pandemic to survive and flourish
  • How and why to build an agile, nimble, scalable, secure enterprise
  • How to pivot and build your online business and sales models
  • Integrating, enriching, automating all your customer experience channels
  • Importance of your enterprise data and generating deep insights and analytics
  • Ensuring you have business continuity and disaster recovery as a foundation for your business
  • Collaboration and sharing effectively and securely with remote teams
  • Business and IT decision makers driving transformation
  • Leading transformational C-suite executives
  • Visionary government and public sector executives
  • Aspiring government, public sector, private sector employees
  • Institutional legislators and influencers
  • Project champions and change agents

Award Nomination

Recognizing leadership driving transformation
This award recognizes top executives who have accelerated digital and business transformation through the pandemic and created a better future for their business. They have empowered remote teams, managed change, flattened organizational structure, made it agile and secure, managed customer satisfaction, and implemented digital tools like cloud, analytics, data integration, amongst others.
Recognizing success stories in transformation
This award recognizes enterprises that have embraced digital transformation and digital tools through the pandemic and achieved success in various areas. Such enterprises would have rebuilt customer experiences, managed customer expectations, leveraged online sales models, built forecasting models, have in-depth and ready analysis of market and demand trends, built close collaboration and data sharing amongst teams, amongst others.
Recognizing solutions for transformation
This award recognizes the leading, exemplary, heroic efforts by vendors, channel partners, integrators, consultants, to manage the challenges of the end user community through the lockdowns of the pandemic. This part of the IT industry helped the end user community to successfully pivot their business models by using digital technologies and create a sustainable business through the pandemic and ahead, amongst others.

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