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Cyber Security

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The Importance of Cybersecurity

Importance of Cybersecurity – Part 1

Importance of Cybersecurity In this fast-paced industry, digitization and staying connected are playing a vital role. This is further coupled with the proliferation of cloud-based and mobile technologies. "Why focus on security?" is a question that has moved from mere security team discussions to board room discussions, and it doesn't stop there either. This, now, is the talk of the industry today. Everyone [...]

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What is Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering ? ( free guide to SE 101 )

What is Social Engineering Social Engineering is, involving clever manipulation of the natural human tendencies of trust to obtain information to help facilitate fraud, network intrusion, industrial espionage, and identity theft or network/system disruption. I do like also the definition from Bruce Schneier: “Amateurs Hack Systems, Professional hack People” To gain the trust of the people Social Engineers trick their victims [...]

Kaseya VSA Breach

Kaseya VSA Breach Consequences of Security Failures

Kaseya VSA Breach Consequences of Security Failures The world has witnessed another large-scale cyber-attack. On July 2, 2021, Kaseya, an IT Systems Management software firm, disclosed a security incident impacting their on-premises version of Kaseya’s Virtual System Administrator (VSA) software. The result was up to 1500 companies being held hostage to a significant ransom demand. Incidents such as these are becoming more commonplace. We are [...]

Mercedes Benz AMG Data Breach

Mercedes Benz AMG Data Breach 2021

 Mercedes Benz AMG Data Breach I regret to inform all of you that I just received an email from Mercedes Benz AMG stating my data which is hold by them has been hacked :( I am one of the 1000 AMG victims and again on of the 1.6 million victims which is hit in the Mercedes-Benz data breach , here [...]

cyber camp baku Erdal Ozkaya

Cyber Camp Baku

Cyber Camp Baku Today Cybersecurity is a top career  not just for adults but also for today's teens to consider. Often its very hard  to find information about what cyber professionals actually do or how to become one especially for the teens. Because of this reason the Azerbaijan Government has created  Cyber Camps for Teens, to share foundational information about cyber [...]

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Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo Erdal

Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo – Uncovered (1)

Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo When it comes to securing your enterprise endpoints, it’s important to have a foundational understanding that there are three types of files: the good, the bad and the unknown. Approaches such as Antivirus (both vendor-branded “next gen” and legacy detection-based), Blacklisting and Whitelisting handle the known good and the bad files – but what about [...]

Top 6 Cybersecurity Books

Top 6 Cybersecurity Books from Packt to Accelerate Your Career

Top 6 Cybersecurity Books from Packt to Accelerate Your Career The process to become an eminent cybersecurity expert requires dedication as well as comprehensive study material. Packt’s bank of cybersecurity resources has a fitting book for everyone from an aspiring cybersecurity professional to experts that pride themselves on their knowledge of the threat landscape.. With new technology threats, rising international tensions, [...]

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Comodo MITRE Kill Chain

Comodo MITRE Kill Chain – Detailed 1nfo

Comodo MITRE Kill Chain Cyber Intrusion Kill Chain aka Kill Chain, has been adapted from military concepts. Locked Martin’s engineers was the first to adapt it to cyber security area. The core of framework has been arisen from the structure of attack. It describes an end-to-end process , or the entire chain of events, that is required to perform a [...]

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Are you under cyberattack

Vulnerable Networks and Services – a Gateway for Intrusion

Vulnerable Networks and Services - a Gateway for Intrusion Communication and network protocols form a big part of the cyber-attack landscape. Therefore, many threats are directed toward the networks or communication channels used by people, systems, and devices. At a time when there are millions of IoT devices, employees bringing their personal devices to the workplace due to BYOD, the [...]

What is Cybersecurity

What is Cybersecurity? Free guide to Cyber

What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity can be summarized as efforts aimed at preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computing systems. It's the practice of affording security to networks and systems to protect them from cyber attacks. According the definition of cybersecurity by Comodo, (https://one.comodo.com/blog/cyber-security/what-is-cyber-security.php) : cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, andprograms from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed [...]