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Cisco Champion 2022 – Great Community

Cisco Champion

I am really proud to announce I have been awarded by Cisco, as Champion for my contributions in the Cybersecurity space.

Cisco Champion Public Community

The Cisco Champion program is Cisco’s premier community for engaging and nurturing technical influencers throughout the year. Cisco Champions are vocal customers, partners and consultants who love to discuss technology and share what they’ve learned with others. It is a global group who have a strong social presence or another form of influence within the IT community.

What Does It Mean to Be a Cisco Champion?

Bening a Cisco Champion gives me the chance of having more engagement with different teams within Cisco. This includes but is not limited to increasing my knowledge of Cisco technologies, delivering value to others in different forms of communications such as blogs, podcasts, etc. and finally gives me the opportunity to provide input into Cisco’s solutions.

How did I become a Cisco Champion?

How did I become a Cisco Champion? Well, you must be active in the Social Community and be willing to “Give Back” to the community and give those in the community the benefit of your knowledge and experience. What form this takes is not fixed but it could be a blog or via Twitter or the Cisco Community sites, or a combination of all 3.

So, what’s changed for me since becoming a Cisco Champion? well, quite a lot really, not only do I feel more empowered, but also that I now really have a voice (or at least one that people listen to) as well as getting a lot more “Cisco Love”; not to say that I didn’t get any before, as working for a Gold Partner I certainly get my share. (Credit:

Who can be a Cisco Champion?

Cisco Champion
Cisco Champion

This program is open to individual Cisco enthusiasts who:  

– Love learning and sharing their knowledge 

– Have Cisco-related expertise or interest 

– Choose to actively participate in conversations relevant to Cisco and the IT industry 

– Have a strong social media presence or other form of influence in the IT community 

The Cisco-Champion program is not open to Cisco employees. If you’d like to be involved, please email [email protected]. 

Cisco reserves the final right to select Cisco-Champion status for an individual at its sole discretion.

What is it really? 

Anyone with more than a passing familiarity with Twitter will no doubt have seen a hashtag whizz passed entitled #CiscoChampion or even #CiscoChampion(s) (more on the latter later) So what does this mean? well, you may well be familiar with other vendors Advocacy programs like Microsoft “MVP” “EMC Elect” or VMware “vExpert”, well “Cisco Champion” is Cisco’s.

The Cisco Champion program is Cisco’s premier community for engaging and nurturing technical influencers throughout the year. Cisco-Champions sign an NDA and are invited to learn about pre-launch technologies. 

They are given the opportunity to give feedback across the technology spectrum – from beta and message testing, feedback sessions, and in a Webex Teams space. They can also co-host episodes of Cisco Champion Radio where they ask the questions they and their peers actually have. Cisco-Champions have also experienced personal and career growth through blogging club and other educational activities.  

Cisco Champions is a global program covering the full breadth of solutions and architectures in the Cisco ecosystem. The Cisco- Champions of 2021 were from 50+ countries, across all verticals, and represented over 200 companies.  

Membership as a Cisco Champion lasts for one year. Applications will open in November and candidates can apply and can nominate peers for consideration in the program. 

As a Cisco Champion you have the opportunity to

 Participate in early field trials and beta tests.

– Influence direction and messaging for products and solutions through feedback sessions.

– Gain insight into upcoming announcements through pre-briefings.

– Enhance your Cisco Live experience with backstage tours, roadmap sessions, podcasts and more. Cisco Champion

– Engage with other Champions in an exclusive Cisco-Champions Webex Teams chat room.

Learn tips and tricks to improve social media presence, learning sessions in the Champions blogging club.

– Participate in Cisco Champion Radio – a podcast created with Cisco Champs and Cisco guests on tech topics.

– Contribute to Cisco’s blogging platform.

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