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CISO 360 Middle East – Free Opportunity

CISO 360 Middle East Weathering the Cyber Attack Storm in the Middle East 

This interactive LIVE BROADCAST with local CISOs and Attack Specialists you will have a session to learn a lot form. Don’t miss it out!

Learn how leading CISOs in the Middle East are responding to the exponentially growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks from malicious hacker groups and hostile foreign entities.  Hear about their challenges and successes in securing their organizations and actions they have taken to reduce their vulnerability and breach risk. This is the perfect opportunity to join in real world application, and engaging, interactive discussions within your own trusted peer group!

When: Monday 19 October 2020
10:30-12:30 – Gulf Standard Time (GST)

Registration : REGISTER HERE

CISO 360 Middle East

Interact via

  • Live polls
  • Spotlighting onto the virtual stage
  • Chat and real time Q&A

Topics include but are not limited to

  • What is the cyber threat environment like in the Middle East today? How does the environment differ from other regions of the world?
  • What types of threat actors and tactics, techniques, and procedures are most common and how can we best prepare ourselves against them?
  • Data leakage prevention – sharing successes and new challenges
  • What does the modern pen tester look like? Crowdsourcing, credit scoring methods, traditional pen-tests…

First speakers announced!

  • Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, CISO, Managing Director, Standard Chartered (UAE)
  • Nathan Swain, CISO and Senior Security Advisor for the UK Government (UAE)
  • Irene Corpuz, Manager, Strategy and Future Department, HCT – Abu Dhabi Government Entity (UAE)
  • Majed Alshodari, CISO, Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (Saudi Arabia)

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