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Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified by Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified – New Book (2021)

Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified Today, I am thrilled to announce my new book "Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified " will start to become available on December 5. Below you can read more about the book: About this book The chief information security officer (CISO) is responsible for an organization's information and data security. The CISO's role is challenging as it demands a solid technical foundation [...]

CISO Dr Ozkaya

6 Facts you need to know about CISO’s – Free Guide

What is a CISO ? A CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is primarily responsible for an organization’s cyber security initiatives. CISOs are technologists, who can participate in high-level initiatives as business strategists. CISO's ensure that IT systems comply with security and regulatory requirements. In summary a C(I)SO is the top Cyber executive of an organization. The Role CISO requires [...]

CISO Dr Ozkaya

7 Tips to impactfully start your CISO job

As CISO – especially in a new organization – you need to balance being a Cybersecurity guru and business acumen. Of course you will also need to start creating a cybersecurity strategy – or revise it if it exists – creating a budget , build your team but also spend time o manage the expectations of your stakeholders.. Below are [...]

GISEC Speakers Erdal

GISEC 2021 – Join For Free – learn cyber from Dr Erdal

GISEC 2021  - Join For Free - learn cyber from Dr Erdal Like in the past many years this year I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at GISEC again. GISEC is the Middle East Africa's biggest cybersecurity conference with 150+ exhibiting brands, 180 speakers from our 30 countries. THE WORLD LEADERS IN CYBERSECURITY MEET TO DISCUSS THE FUTURE.... A [...]

Erdal Ozkaya in the News

GISEC spotlights critical infrastructure, cybersecurity automation -Join for FREE 2021

GISEC 21 spotlights critical infrastructure cybersecurity automation By Mark Ferranti : https://www.cio.com/article/3620284/gisec-spotlights-critical-infrastructure-cybersecurity-automation.html A massive move to remote work and rising geopolitical tensions that threaten critical infrastructure have caused many a sleepless night for CIOs and CSOs in the Middle East over the past year. They are also giving technology leaders gathering this week in Dubai at GISEC, the largest security conference [...]

Australian cio leaders summit

CISO Workshop in 13th Australian CIO Leaders Summit

13th Australian CIO Leaders Summit /CISO Workshop by Dr Erdal Ozkaya  Be part of this years upcoming gathering where you will able to engage with the country's leading IT professionals on the As some of you know after nearly 7 years in Dubai , I moved back to Australia (home) and I am extremely excited to announce that I will be [...]

Global CISO Forum Logo

Global CISO Forum -Community which is better together

Global CISO Forum The Global CISO Forum was launched on 26 May during GEC Media’s Security Symposium 2021. Anushree Dixit, Global Head Content & Strategic Alliances, GEC Media Group announced the launch of the forum. Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Management Member of Global CISO Forum gave a live overview of the Forum. Global CISO Forum community aims to unite security leaders across [...]

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Thank you Standard Chartered Bank Dr Ozkaya

Thank you Standard Chartered Bank

Thank you Standard Chartered Bank , next is Comodo Cybersecurity  This week is my last week at Standard Chartered Bank ; while I am excited to join one of the worlds biggest Cybersecurity firms as CSO and Chief Cybersecurity Strategist , I am thankful for the tremendous experience SCB given me in the Financial sector . Thank you Bill Winters , Sunil Kaushal [...]

Best CISO in Banking and Finance Dr Ozkaya

Best CISO in Banking and Finance -2021

Best CISO in Banking and Finance Award for 2021  I have been awarded as “ Best CISO in Banking and Finance “ by GEC MEDIA GROUP and Global CIO Forum I am truly honored to win this award. Thank you Dr Erdal Ozkaya Best CISO in Banking and Finance Dr Erdal Ozkaya Global CIO Forum announces winners of Catalyst Awards 2021 and Top 10 Happy IT Companies https://www.ec-mea.com/global-cio-forum-announces-winners-of-catalyst-awards-2021-and-top-10-happy-it-companies/ https://globalcioforum.com/global-cio-forum-announces-winners-of-catalyst-awards-2021-and-top-10-happy-it-companies/ More [...]

World Cybersecurity Summit 2020 -Join for Free

World Cybersecurity Summit I will be speaking at the World Cyber Security Summit which is a thought-leadership driven, business-focused initiative that provides a platform for CISOs who are looking to explore new-age threats and the technologies/strategies to mitigate them. The show is virtually hosting CISOs across industry sectors from the MENA region who will meet, network, learn and engage with some [...]