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Cyber Resilience – Learn 4 Free

Cyber Resilience

What does it take to go from risk to resilience? Watch our  intriguing fireside chat with Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, Regional CISO and MD, Standard Chartered Bank

In this video you will learn about the current cyber landscape as well as cyber attacks and their impacts :

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Cyber – Resilience

The ability to adapt to disruptions caused by cyber security incidents while maintaining continuous business operations. This includes the ability to detect, manage and recover from cyber security incidents.

As the digital footprint of companies, consumers and investors expands, it also increases their vulnerability to cyber threats.

Our goal is to improve the cyber resilience of all entities operating in Australia’s financial markets. We do this through close collaboration with regulated firms, regulators and Government.

To help firms improve their cyber resilience, we have published good practice guidance and key questions for boards to ask about their firm’s cyber resilience.

We also have a number of other resources to help you improve your firm’s cyber resilience.

Assessing cyber resilience in the financial markets sector

Commencing in 2016 and over a 24 month period, we asked 101 firms across the financial markets sector to complete a self-assessment survey on their cyber resilience.

The results of these self-assessment surveys showed that while firms are getting better at managing cyber risk, there’s still work to do.

In 2019 we issued a subsequent report, identifying key trends from self-assessment surveys, and highlighting existing good practices and areas for improvement.

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Cyber-resilience provides specialist cyber security capability development services, delivered by experienced senior cyber security professionals. We help organizations who face significant cyber risks or regulatory requirements and don’t have a dedicated full-time senior cyber security executive to lead and build their resilience against cyber-attacks.

Reduce your cyber risk through practical, actionable, real-world advice and solutions that measurably improve your capability to respond to the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.