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The Art of Cyber Defense – Free Video Training 7

The Art of Cyber Defense

If you want to learn how to defend your infrastructure against hackers , this session may can help you , my session from Rochesten Reinvent

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The conference of the virtuous and ruthless, the energetic and thoroughgoing, the probing and quick-witted is happening, once again, in July 2021. To prop-up your skills and get excited about impending potential of technology, join us at the Virtual Summit from July 23rd to 25th, 2021.
At Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference July 2021, join the industry experts and discover what is spent and what is new in the three key aspects of cybersecurity:

  • Digital forensics
  • Cyberthreat Intelligence
  • SOC Deployments


is the only event that covers every nook and corner – the issues of the present and the evolving ones of the Cybersecurity domain. It provides a congregation ground for experts, professionals and the ones who wish to learn and explore the convoluted alleyways of Cybersecurity. Rocheston invites them all to walk together, share and learn – never miss out any aspect of cybersecurity.

“Reinvent” is the new normal and it is here to stay. Even in the post pandemic times. As long as businesses, small and large, need to keep pace with the dynamic technological growth; and as long as we intend to get the best viewpoint of our cyber landscape, “Reinvent” will remain a platform to stay abreast for the future.

Time and again Reinvent brings professionals and industry experts together to keep us consistently in the new technology trend , even before the next edition of a book gets published.

Upscale your skills with tools, resources and tips with the guidance of experts @ Reinvent Cybersecurity Conference 2021. The stellar choice of every industry today is A Resilient Cybersecurity Professional – one who stands at the crossroad of a landscape of cyberthreat risk and disruptive technologies. Learn more and grow wiser on various aspects of being Resilient:


The Evidence-based decision making and how to acquire it! Good decision-making emerges from insights, good insights emerge from assessments, and good assessment happens from twin play of observing and familiarity with typical situations.


  • To discover the risks inherent in emerging technologies and the changes they portend.
  • To understand how new technologies should be dealt with new approach and tools.
  • To know how to defend effectively against new threats while complying with new policies.
  • To learn about deploying new solutions through intriguing details of case studies.
  • To inspire you to be a part of collective responsibility in making individuals, government, organizations and businesses resilient to emerging threats

    It is a Digital Forensic Conference for building awareness about the training and skills required to investigate and solve cybercrimes:

    • How a digitally advanced Sherlock Holmes and a Hercule Poirot today would delve into case studies and emerge with solutions.
    • How to gain insight into tools and techniques used for analyzing digital evidence and explore the advantages of automated tools.
    • It is a Cyberthreat Intelligence Conference for learning about how intelligence driven processes can help organizations create new business models:
      • How smartphones, wearables, smart-home devices have brought in new fears and challenges.
      • How a threat actor’s understanding of TTPs can help an organization improve its defense against the threats.
      • How the promise of faster and reliable communication with increasing number of devices through 5G technology can be overwhelming too.

It is a SOC Deployment Conference that emphasizes the importance of developing the Security Operation Centers (SOC):

  • How a comprehensive infrastructure can enhance security operations of Incident Response Teams of an organization.
  • How to handle security controls better with firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
  • How SecOps teams use their discretion for SOAR and SIEM technologies



  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Security & Data Privacy Professionals
  • Certified Information Security Managers
  • Certified Threat Modelling Professionals
  • Cyber Security Solutions Providers
  • Cryptographers
  • Cyber law professionals
  • Cyber police and lawyers
  • Cyber forensic professionals