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Cybersecurity: The Beginner’s Guide

Cybersecurity: The Beginner’s Guide More than 400 pages of a comprehensive guide to getting started in cyber + 100 pages of advice from Cybersecurity experts. You will find everything to excel your career in Cybersecurity, or help your Organization to close the Cyber Talent Gap.

The book is coming soon via @Packt and Amazon

Thank you very much for all the experts to help me make this happen. Together we can

Ann Johnson ( Microsoft)

Dr Emre Eren KORKMAZ ( University of Oxford)

Robin Wright, ( Microsoft)

Yuri Diogenes ( Microsoft)

Judd Wybourn (Microsoft )

Girard Moussa ( SAP )

Martin Hale ( Charles Sturt University)

Chaim Sanders ( Rochester Institute of Technology)

Dr. Michal Jankowski-Lorek (CQURE Inc.) Ozan Ucar (Keepnet Labs)

Dr. Ivica Simonovski,

Deepayan Chanda, (Standard Chartered Bank)

Kaushal K Chaudhary ,

Neil Rerup,

Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud (MVP) ,

Onur Ceran, (Turkish Police Force)

Gary Duffield @DDLS) and

Will K. ( FireEye, Inc.) #careerpaths BeginWithCybersecurity #futureofrecruitment #FutureOfWork

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