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Cybersecurity Week Turkey – 2022 Learn & get Inspired for Free

Cybersecurity Week Turkey 

The International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference is back with the 5th edition, and I am pleased to announce that I will be delivering a session as well as moderating a panel at this great conference again this year.

The event will be held in Ankara (Capital city of Turkey) on November 20, December 1-2 this year (2022)

You can register for the event at this URL for  FREE registration

Abot Cybersecurity Week (CYBER SECURITY WEEK TÜRKİYE )

To contribute to the development of the domestic cyber security ecosystem, increase cyber security awareness and cooperation, and bring together the public, private sector, and academia, the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster has been organizing “Cyber Security Week Türkiye” events for three years under the coordination of the Defence Industries Agency of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.

We have brought together more than 9000 visitors at our events so far, with many speakers who are experts in their fields and with all our member companies operating on behalf of Domestic and National Cyber Security in Turkey. We will hold this important meeting with our member companies and many valuable public institutions this year between 30 November and 1-2 December 2022 at Ankara ATO Congresium Congress and Exhibition Center

To raise awareness in our country and the region and to follow the developments closely, in 2013, we held the first “International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference,” which will be held for the 5th time this year under the coordination of the Defense Industries Agency of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye.

The 4th International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference, organized in 2019 with the theme of “Being an international player with National Cyber Security solutions,”; was organized with more than 600 participants, including sector representatives, military delegations, public officials, the academic community, industry representatives and national and international cyber experts


Siber Guvenlik Haftasi

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞANPresident of the Republic of Türkiye

Fuat OKTAY – Vice President of the Republic of Türkiye

Mustafa VARANK –Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye

Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR- President of Defence Industry Agency of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Dr. Ali Taha KOÇ –Head of the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Ömer Fatih SAYAN –T.C. Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure

Mehmet Fatih KACIR- Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye

Mustafa Murat ŞEKER- Vice President of Defence Industry Agency of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Yavuz Emir BEYRİBEY- Vice President of Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye

Christian Liflander- Head, Cyber and Hybrid Policy Section at NATO

Tuğgeneral Sait Cengiz ÖZSOY –Head of Communications and Information System Department of Ministry of National Defense of the

Ahmet ŞİMŞEK- Deputy General Manager at Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye

Gediz SEZGİN –Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Turkcell

Rónán O’Flaherty Researcher · NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE)

Dr. Erdal ÖZKAYA –Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, CISO at Xcitium

Raymond Comvalius –Independent IT Security and Infrastructure Specialist


Siber Guvenlik Haftasi9000+ Visitors

78 Keynote Speakers

40 Online Events

44 Exhibitors

20 Sponsors



  1. New Frontier: Cyber Warfare
  2. Cyber-Physical System Security
  3. The Future of Work: All-Digital Secure Office
  4. Fintech and E-commerce
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Metaverse
  7. Beyond the 5G
  8. Media and Disinformation
  9. Digital Citizenship

Turkish Announcement

Siber güvenlik alanında güçlü bir ekosistem oluşturmak adına, sizleri Ankara’da  30 Kasım ve 1-2 Aralik 2022 tarihlerinde gerçekleştirilecek olan “Siber Güvenlik Haftası Türkiye” konferansına davet etmek istiyoruz.

Siber Güvenlik Haftası, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanlığı Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı ve Cumhurbaşkanlığı Dijital Dönüşüm Ofisi himayelerinde; uluslararası devlet yetkilileri, siber güvenlik uzmanları, sektör profesyonelleri ve yöneticileri bir araya getirecek. Etkinliklerimizde bugüne kadar ağırladığımız 9000’den fazla ziyaretçiyi, uluslararası düzeyde alanında uzman çok sayıda konuşmacıyla ve Türkiye’de Yerli ve Millî Siber Güvenlik adına faaliyet gösteren tüm üye firmalarımızla bir araya getirdik.

International Cyber Warfare Erdal Ozkaya
International Cyber Warfare Erdal Ozkaya

Bu yılki tema ve konularımız:

Tema: “Yeni Dünya, Yeni Kurallar: Sınırların Ötesinde Siber Güvenlik


  1. Yeni Sınır: Siber Savaş
  2. İşin Geleceği: Tamamen Dijital Güvenli Ofis
  3. Siber Güvenlikte Fintech ve E-ticaret
  4. Siber-Fiziksel Sistem Güvenliği
  5. Siber Güvenlikte Yapay Zeka: Yararları ve Dezavantajları
  6. Metaverse
  7. Siber Güvenlikte 5G’nin Ötesinde
  8. Medya ve Dezenformasyon
  9. Dijital Vatandaşlık


Türkiye Siber Güvenlik Kümelenmesi, üye firmaları ile birlikte yerli Siber Güvenlik ekosisteminin gelişimine katkı sağlamak, Siber Güvenlik farkındalığını ve iş birliklerini artırmak, kamu, özel sektör ve akademiyi bir araya getirmek ve 2021 yılını Siber Güvenlik temasıyla dolu dolu bitirmek için  3 kez “SİBER GÜVENLİK HAFTASI”nda bir araya geliyor!

T.C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı ve T.C. Dijital Dönüşüm Ofisi himayelerinde düzenlenen SİBER GÜVENLİK HAFTASI,  Congresium/Ankara’da gerçekleştirilecek MİLLÎ SİBER GÜVENLİK ZİRVESİ VE FUARI ile başlayacak.

SİBER GÜVENLİK HAFTASI 1 hafta boyunca Küme üyesi firmalarımız tarafından gerçekleştirilecek KONFERANSLAR, WEBINARLAR, EĞİTİMLER ve YARIŞMALAR’a da ev sahipliği yapacaktır.

If you cannot join then, find other free events that I am part of via this link 

Current Cyber Trends and Actions We Need to Take

Date/Hour: 1 December Thursday – 13:30-14:00


Dr Erdal Ozkaya is named along Top 50 Technology Leaders by IDC and CIO Online and he is known as a passionate, solutions-focused professional with a comprehensive global background within the information technology, information security, and cyber security fields.

He is committed to the delivery of accurate, accessible resources to inform individuals and organizations of cybersecurity and privacy matters in the internet age. Dr Erdal is a collaborative team leader with the key areas of his expertise spanning end-to-end IT solutions, management, communications, and innovation.

In addition, he is a well-known public speaker, an award-winning technical expert, a book author, and writer of certifications (courseware and exams) for prestigious organizations such as Microsoft, EC Council, and other expert-level vendors. Some of his recent awards are:


Global Cybersecurity Leader of the year (InfoSec Awards)
Best IT Blogs by Cisco (Top 5)
DX Inspire Award
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Alumni Award Nomination by Western Sydney University


Best CISO for Banking and Financial Sector
CIO Online & IDC: Top 50 Technology Leaders, Security Magazine Top CISO,
Tycoon Success Magazine, Technology Leaders to Follow
EC Council CEH Hall of Fame
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional


Khaleej Times “CISO Power List”,
Cybersecurity Legend by GEC Media Group,
“Superhero CISO”, by Enterprise IT
Top CISO by Security ME Magazine


CISO Mag ” Hall of Fame” and Cybersecurity Influencer of the year, Microsoft Regional Director

NATO Center of Excellence Award

Microsoft Platinum Club (employee of the year), Security Professional of the year

and more…


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