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EC Council CEH Hall of Fame 2021

Starting 2021 every year, EC-Council honors a select group of our CEH certified members by inducting a group into the CEH Hall of Fame. It is our chance to honor the best and brightest among our global community. This is a “by invitation-only” recognition program.

This coveted podium is not for the mediocre. Only current EC-Council members who scored at least 90% on the CEH exam are invited to apply for the Hall of Fame.

EC-Council has a growing alumni of certification holders who have used their education excellence and experience to not only become successful, but to positively contribute to society. We believe that positive role models are extremely important in today’s world and that our best and brightest should be held up for others to emulate.

Candidates are nominated annually and presented to the CEH Hall of Fame selection committee. The committee carefully reviews the applications based on their accomplishments, contribution to society, their career transformation story, and their role in the organization where they are employed and presents the finalists to the CEH Advisory Board for their final selection. The 2021 inductees into the CEH Hall of Fame will be featured on the CEH Hall of Fame Leader board.

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ceh-hall-of-fame-winner-Erdal Ozkaya – EC-Council (eccouncil.org)

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