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Speaking at Oh MY HACK International 2021

I will speaking at Oh My Hack this year, my session is titled :

💥 Building a #Cybersecurity Strategy for CISO’s? 💥

There are two types of organizations, the one they know has been hacked and the ones they don’t. It’s not the matter if but when the hack is going to happen! So you are responsible for securing your organization, what do you need to do? This session will help you to rethink your #security culture and hopefully help you make the #hackers job harder from learning the best practices from the field.

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11-12.05.2021, ONLINE


Enter the fascinating world of security conferences with one click – without barriers, without limits. Adjust the lectures to your level of knowledge, meet the best specialists from blue and red teams and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a virtual event. The Oh My H@ck conference is an upgraded version of the well-known What The H@ck. Adam Haertle, founder and editor-in-chief of the Zaufana Trzecia Strona, is responsible for the selection of speakers and topics. Join us to fight cyber threats together and gain new levels of knowledge!

Oh MY HACK International – Speaking at Oh MY HACK International 2021