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Handbook to Utilize MITRE ATT&CK Framework – Free D0wnload

 Handbook to Utilize MITRE ATT&CK Framework  prepared by Picus Security  exclusively  for the community.

Download the report and learn;

  • How to start MITRE ATT&CK by learning about the top 10 most used techniques.
  • Red team exercises. Learn how to simulate these techniques.
  • Blue team exercises. Learn how to detect and mitigate these techniques
  • Threat profiling. See which threat actors and malicious tools are using each technique, understand which ones are relevant to you according to your geography or industry.

Download the report HERE

“The red report is impressive. I am from the field, and I believe that I had a deep enterprise experience. I see these techniques all the time, and I wondered why any vendor does not give us some advice to protect ourselves like the holistic perspective in The Red Report. It shows the right view as it is coming from real life. I think Picus Security is on the right track.”

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya ,

utilise-mitre-attck-framework Handbook to Utilize MITRE ATT&CK Framework MITRE ATT&CK Framework MITRE ATTACK Framework utilize-MITRE-attack-framework