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Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy : Free VIDE0

Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy : Free Video

Here is the recording from the webinar which was deleivered by EC Cuncil and EC Council University

Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy : Integrating Pen Testing and Forensics for CISOs’ Decision-Making

As threat landscapes evolve, holistic security strategies are essential for modern organizations to protect their data and business. At the core of any holistic cyber security lies experiential learning and proactive defenses, which necessitates a combination of ethical hacking and forensic capabilities.

Pen testing identifies vulnerabilities, while digital forensics assesses the real-world impact of potential breaches. CISOs can leverage the data collected during pen testing to develop proactive security measures and incident response plans.

The data gathered from digital forensics investigations can feed into the pen testing process, allowing security teams to focus on simulating real-world attack scenarios based on historical incidents.A holistic cyber security strategy that integrates pen testing and digital forensics is crucial for CISOs’ decision-making. Such an approach combines cyber security’s proactive and reactive aspects, while providing a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture.

With this integration, CISOs can make informed decisions to safeguard their organization’s digital assets effectively.The current webinar aims to understand how pen testing and forensics can integrate to deliver holistic security.

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Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy
Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy

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Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy : Free VIDE0


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