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ICT Media Magazine Cover -3rd time

ICT Media Magazine Cover –

I am thrilled to be in a 3rd time on a Magazine Cover. This time in Türkiye on ICT Media :

It is such an amazing honor to be featured multiple times in this magazine, which showcases the best of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. This cover is special to me as it highlights not just the incredible journey, I’ve taken in ICT space but also covers what we need to do during emergencies such as earthquakes .

Being featured on the magazine cover for the third time is a testament to the hard work and dedication I have put in to make a mark in the ICT field. I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities this magazine cover brings.

Siber güvenlik bir beka sorunudur

Dr. Erdal ÖZKAYA, dünya çapında siber güvenlik hizmetleri veren Xcitium (Comodo) Şirketinde Siber Güvenlik Departman Şefi olarak çalışıyor. Hayatı sayısız başarı ve sertifikalarla dolu. Siber güvenlik üzerine yurt dışında yayınlanmış çok sayıda eseri bulunuyor. Günümüz dünyasında siber güvenliğin bir beka sorunu olduğuna dikkat çeken ÖZKAYA“Nasıl ki sağlığınız iyi olmak zorundaysa, siber dünyanız da güçlü olmak zorunda”diyorDr. Erdal ÖZKAYA, ICT MEDIA TV youtube kanalında yayınlanan Murat PEHLİVAN ile Açık Açık Programı’na konuk oldu. Dergimizde özetine yer verdiğimiz programın tamamını ICT MEDIA TV youtube kanalından izleyebilirsiniz.

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ICT Media Magazine Cover -3rd time
ICT Media Magazine Cover -3rd time

Intelligent CIO Middle East Cover

How CISOs can reduce risk

Cyberthreats are increasing in volume and complexity across the Middle East. To be ahead of the game, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to continuously review their cybersecurity processes and practices to ensure that adequate and effective systems are in place. Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Regional Chief Information Security Officer, Standard Chartered Bank, with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, gives Intelligent CIO Middle East personal insights and tips for fellow CISOs in the region on how to create a safer business environment in their organisations.

To view the cover:

To download the September 2020 issue for free – PDF

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How CISOs can reduce risk

Cyber Sentinels Magazine Cover

Breaking the Stereotype

Whilst others consider cyber security as a protocol, Dr. Erdal Ozkaya believes that it is a mindset that goes deep into the ancient human DNA. You know it, you got it!

You can download a free copy from the below link:


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Cyber Sentinels Magazine Dr Ozkaya
Cyber Sentinel Dr Erdal Ozkaya


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