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Leaked Australian Passports in G00GLE

Leaked Australian Passports in Google

This is a post which I wrote while I was teaching EC Council’s famous Certified Ethical Hacker class, one of the chapter has some details on “Google hacking” … During the class we found very interesting details…

We found Scanned Australian Passport, Driver Licance, Birth Certificate and many other confidential data in a web site. This post was published after the content was removed with my and my students efforts from the  “Semi Government” owned web site.

All the images has been “blurred” by me to protect the victims , and this post has reached out more then twenty thousand clicks within a week and has reached many re tweets and was published in many newspapers…

Below is a nice proof of concept why we should be very careful when we share our “ID”

Leaked Australian Passports

Leaked Australian Passports

Leaked Australian Passports in Google

As you can see below, there are also Driver licences, Employee Cards , Government ID’s and more 🙁

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