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Microsoft Virtualization Event (2008) Free to join

Microsoft Virtualization

my first ” Windows Server 2008 Hyper V Launch Event” ended with success, we had with the last minute cancellations 10 attendees and the evaluation was 8.76 ( out of 9) based on the online metric that matters. I’m planning to do the second “launch event” in December (depends on the numbers of attendees)
Do not miss out the next one 😉

Microsoft Virtualization
Microsoft Virtualization Event


Here are some attendee feedback regarding the event a much clearer picture on Hyper V works and understand where its place is going to be in my environment…very good evening… thank you

James Kindon , MVP

Awesome night.Thanks again!

Michael Hickin

This guy keeps the attention on him and knows how to sell (teach) the content very well. Thanks Erdal (Amigo)

Tony Hodge

Erdal is one of the best presenters ever, I am sure he will have even a better career in the near future

Ben Hodge

I never thought Microsoft can do Virtualization, from Microsoft Virtual Server its a big jump, I think VMware is getting a good competition. Also few words about Erdal, he was just great, I met him first time but I will make sure to stay in touch. Thank you CEO IT Training and Microsoft for the event

Sam Nguyen