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MMS 2011, Thank you

MMS 2011

MMS , What a week … Being in Vegas with thousand of IT Pro’s… Delivering 2 session. Fairly new to most of the attendees, talking first time about Intune, which is still in Beta and of course my main expertise are “Security” which many of the attendees are aware but, most of them where asking “What securing the cloud ?” …

  • Windows Intune (Beta) in Real Life
  • Hey! You! Get off my Cloud

Those interesting sessions put me to the TOP SPEAKER’s list; Thank you for your feedback’s… I said in the session, keep in mind ITUNE , yes not iTunes, is going to be BIG, so is CLOUD and SECURITY. Listen to my advice and invest your time to learn those technologies, and of course, don’t just get stuck to one single product but understand the main concept.

Thank you Vegas, what happens there is also staying in my blog 🙂

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MMS Microsoft management Summit Erdal Ozkaya