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Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max or Android vs iOS – Honest

Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max or Android vs iOS

Nearly a month ago I decided to switch to Android as I was really disappointed how Apple lost its “coolness of inventing the new era” . The iPhone 13 is same as the 12, 11, 10 even 9 . Same with Apple watch, all what they were adding is a feature which just is already available in other Smart Watch Brands.

I was expecting to be impressed by Google Pixel 6 Pro, but I am not , and below are all the details. Please be aware all those are my own opinions and this blog post is not sponsored by Google 🙂 or Apple .

Both being premium flagships, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro feature a refined design and sturdy build quality – at least in paper !

The App’s

Believe or not most of the Google App’s work better in iPhone.

Google Maps : I have issues in Google Maps , which I use a lot, I am a Google Local Guide (nearly Level 10)  and I was expecting better response, app experience , less bugs but nope I am missing my iOS version of the Maps.

YouTube:  Again believe or not I love YouTube at Apple much more then in Android !

Google UI in the Phone :launcher app I don’t like the provided UI, and I am using the Microsoft , which makes the phone look much better in my opinion .

What about Social Media App’s:

LinkedIn: Much better in iOS, from loading time to in app experience. slow loading while browsing the app more then its cached.

Facebook : The app is so buggy, unless you restart your phone, I repeat, unless you restart the phone, yes you read it right not the app the phone, pictures are not loading… So Facebook in iOS is better

Twitter : Honestly I feel its better in IOS but no evidence 🙂

What’s Up: How what’s up handles the selfie cam in Google Pixel is just terrible, for the rest no main difference.

Of course there are many other like Instagram ( nearly same experience) TikTok ( I am not using it ) QQ Chat etc… but if

Pixel 6 Pro

Play Store vs Apple Store

I feel more in control while I am at Apple App Store then Googles Play Store

The Design

I will not write what you read many (probably) times already , But here you can read my full review on the Google Pixel 6 Pro ( You can also scroll down in this article)



The iPhone is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip,  while Google uses its first-house chip that it calls “Tensor”. And there is no doubt Apple A15 is better.


Again , Apple is a step ahead … In my basic GPU tests the performance was far better in iOS !


While both of the phones have great screens , under sun light Apple is the clear winner.


In paper Google wins , but in action expect zooming function there is no real difference, lets see the technical specs

                                         Apple iPhone                                       Google Pixel 6 Pro
  • Wide camera — 12MP, f/1.5 on                            vs          50MP , f/1.9 on Pixel
  • Ultra-wide camera —  0.5X, 12MP, f/1.8           vs          0.5X, 12MP, f/2.2 on Pixel
  • Zoom camera — 3X zoom, 12MP, f/2.8              vs         4X zoom, 48MP, f/3.5 on Pixel
  • Front camera — 12MP                                            vs          11MP on Pixel

Main Camera :  iPhone goes with warmer colors, while the Pixel is using more toned down, cooler tonalities

Ultra Wide Camera :I don’t see main difference here

Zoom Quality : 3X zoom in Apple vs 15x Zoom in Google, finally Googles wins !

Low Light Photography : In low light Apple is the winner again , Apple is not just faster but it does get better quality photos at Dark

Video Recording

Again on paper both record 4K video’s and yes they do but with a single difference , where the Google Pixel 6 pro heats like owen! The January 2022 updates seems to fix it , but I did not record anything in 4 K after the update.

When it comes to the interface I like the Googles bit more.

Audio Quality

Both of these phones sound good. No issues in either side.

Battery Life

Again in paper Google wins with 5,009 mAh vs Apple’s 4,352mAh , with a “but” again! As mentioned in the CPU review  iOS and Android are quite different in the way they manage battery life. But when you open two apps at the same time and run it simultaneity Apple is the clear winner.

Charging speeds

While Google is using the awesome USB – C , Apple is still using the awful Apple Lightening cable , while both of the phones does not come with charger which I dislike ! Back to charging , Apple  charges at up to 20W where Google supports 30W! Both phones support wireless charging . Even though the numbers are different charging time quite similar , so no game changer

Software Updates

Google will finally three years software updates ( Android) and  provide five years of Security updates for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro! While Apple supports any iPhone for 5 years including software (iOS update) as well as security. So Apple is the winner again.

Security in Apple iOS and Google Android

App marketplace security: As Google has much more apps compared to Apple, its clear that Apple is much better when it comes to App Market Security. Apple takes security more serious, and they inspect their App Market much better then Google. And most of the Security Threat Reports verify my statement. On many occasions app’s in Google store have been discovered to contain malware , even the app’s with hundreds of thousands of downloads and ratings.

Source Code security : When it comes to Source Code security , we all know , and sometimes hate that Apple closely guards their source code which makes it also bit more secure, its much easier to develop exploits in Android but Apple is not angel , state sponsored attackers finds /sells Apple Zero Days , but then it comes to patch speed by far Apple is more proactive, they don’t even hesitate to take “security ” companies to court ( You can read more here)

I never saw a bloatware at Apple iPhones , but Android in general comes with some ( to be fair not the Google Pixel)

Both phones have virtual sandbox  that limits possible damages of malware also encryption to secure the phone.

So is Android more secure than iOS? No its not. Is iPhone more secure than Android ? I believe yes , but not by far if you know what you are doing.

Apple has Facial security which works like a charm and the Pixel offers on screen fingerprint which is just not good, yes , it works but not in the best way!

iMessage’s and FaceTime video calls are also end-to-end encrypted. I am sure if Google Due and Google meeting is ? Yes they say they provide security but knowing Google I am sure they have some undisclosed “advertising opportunities”

Apple has in buildtwo-factor authentication (2FA) , where Google supports this via their Authenticator app ( I prefer the Microsoft Authenticator)

Privacy in iOS vs Android

Does Apple spy on iPhone ?Apple introduced great privacy controls with iOS 15, now you can tracking your app’s the notifications, allowing you to opt out of apps tracking you across your phone! Apple has now mail privacy protection, App privacy reports , secure paste and much more.

I doubt many of those features will never come to Android saying that don’t assume Apple is not collecting any info about you ! Of course they do , but they are bit more selective what to share with third parties,.


Apple has a world class support , not just in Apple stores but also in Social Media , Apple Support in twitter , LinkedIn and Facebook is as good, Google never responds back oh made by Google might responds back all depending on their “mood I guess “. So Apple is the winner again

Here is an example how bad Google Support even in Social Media is ! They have his useless “Made by Google ” twitter team which they never ever respond once you ask them challenging questions

made by google

The Google Pixel has many bugs and unfortunately Google is doing a very bad job on keeping us / their customers happy

made by google

PC Connection

This is the only area where Android is a clear winner if you are using Windows , Apple’s iTunes as well as any other kind of connection to Windows miserably fails in my opinion. Saying that in my Mac Book iPhone is better. So Appel needs to support Windows better , and no I don’t use the Mac as my main Computer ( as of 2022) as I believe Window is much more productive then Apple ( at least for me ;))

Smart Watch

Except for Samsung galaxy 4 watch non of the new smart watches which comes with Google Wear(GW) has been upgraded to GW 3, we are all stacked at GW2, and only very few smart watches will get the update late this year ( read more here)

I used many Google based smart watches, including Samsung’s Tizen , Nike Fuel Band, FitBit, but non of them comes even close when it comes to functions and OS support. Apple is just far better in terms of nearly everything expect the looks. I believe Tag Heuer Connected,  Fossil Gen 6 looks much much better then the Apple watch , but now I am also missing my Apple watch 4 which was much better in every aspects compared again to Extremally expensive Tag , or budget friendly Fossil

Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max or Android vs iOS

The iPhone has better battery life,  mostly better camera , much better Apps and support so if you already  familiar with the iOS ecosystem, do not move as you will be 99.9 % disappointed!
The Pixel, on the other hand sells that it gives you a bit more freedom -which I am not that sure of – .
When the Google phone was released late last year  I was hoping that it was going to be a serious challenger to the iPhone, but as you read so far that isn’t the case.
While the Pixel phone “looks cheaper” , a simple E-Bay search proves that the iPhone holds better value.
Android 12 and iOS 15 look very different but they are also remarkably similar, so your decision on whether iPhone or Android is better for you comes down to which of the strengths appeal more to you. For me after 4-5 weeks of Google Pixel usage this article came out…
So who is the Winner ?
If you are an iPhone user stay where you are! If you are a Android user I am sure you will like iPhone better as soon as you get used to it.  If this is your first smart phone go and buy the iPhone 13 .
If You liked this article ,you can read more reviews in my blog 
Especially if you have other family members using iPhone , switching over is no brainer ! At Home we have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and just the iPhone 12 . And this means no more family sharing , Air Drop and more.

PS: Made by Google

At this stage I can say that angry customers are made by Google.

At least Apple Support responds back to tweets ,and they have an Apple Store nearly every where, also their Apple Care is just awesome – I hope I will not need to use the Google Service because the first impression is defiantly not good at all !