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Qatar University Cyber Week 2021 – Free to join Online

Qatar University Cyber Week

Cyber Week, organized by KINDI Research Center, is an annual event that aims to raise cyber-security awareness in Qatar through numerous activities. Furthermore, it aims to discuss current challenges and future trends related to security and privacy in the region. This event intends to bring together cyber-security and artificial intelligence experts from Academia, Industry, and Government to meet, discuss, share ideas, and establish contacts.

This year, they will have a three-day event that includes inspiring talks, panel discussions, and Capture-The-Flag Challenge. The event would be themed upon the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. Additionally, it will provide hands-on training and awareness sessions about Cybersecurity to students, along with demonstrations.

And I am happy to announce that I will be also delivering a session on how we can stop the war against Ransomware.

When :24 – October 2021

Where : Hybrid Event

In Person : Qatar University, Doha or  Online

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My session will be in day 2 , please check the schedule below

12:30 – 12:55 BlockChain as a Service (BCaaS) for healthcare (Mr. Radhakrishnan MahalingamMr. Nandakumar Chandrasekharan, Health Information Communication & Technology, Hamad Medical Corporation)

13:00 – 13:25 Ransomware – The Cybersecurity Dilemma with real life cases (Dr. Erdal Ozkaya, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, Comodo)

For even more info :

KINDI Center for Computing Research

College of Engineering, Building B09, First floor
Qatar University
PO Box 2713
Doha, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 4403-6600
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Qatar University Cyber Week

Qatar University Cyber Week 2021
Qatar University Cyber Week 2021