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14 Recommended web sites for IT Security Pros

14 Recommended web sites for IT Security Pros

As a Trusted Security Advisor at Microsoft, I used to receive if not hundreds, tens of emails nearly every day from people across the globe asking my help on how they become a Security Professional.
Of course, this is not a one-night thing, or there is no secret recipe or a short cut, to be “The Security Guy”. I am in the industry for so many years, but the way to success never changed, you can easily verify that with a simple google search, the way to be successful in life is always the same.

 Read -> study -> practice -> read again -> research and -> Never give Up

This is a nonstop process, as neither the Cybersecurity industry is or the Cybercriminals, the Nation States are stopping. The bad guys are always a step ahead of us who wants to defend. ( So it’s not an easy job to be a defender)

Beside gaining certifications ( like EC Council, SANS, ISC, Logical Operations etc) a good start is to keep an eye EVERY SINGLE DAY on the news on what is happening around us. For that, I have listed few web sites, which some of you might know… I would recommend that you would start looking at them every day and start reading on what is going on around you

Below is my TOP web sites , feel free to reach me out and let me know your TOP Web sites as well.  Happy reading /learning

PS: I will keep updating the web sites. ( as much as I can )

MY TOP Security Websites:

  • Kafeine

  • Azure Security

  • Erdal Ozkaya 🙂

Recommended web sites for IT Security Pros