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Comodo Security Solutions Rebrands to Xcitium – August 2022

Comodo Security Solutions Rebrands to Xcitium Launches Patented Zero Threat Endpoint Protection to Eliminate Growing Threats Comodo Security Solutions today announced a rebranding to Xcitium, as the company launches its patented zero threat endpoint technology to combat an increase in ransomware and other malware across all industries. Xcitium Zero Threat is the only solution on the market that entirely eliminates potential damage by...


The Malware Plague – Part 1

The Malware Plague Malicious software—commonly referred to as malware—is used by threat actors to perform malicious activities on a host system. These malicious activities include compromising the corporate network, identity theft, and data exfiltration. The evolution of connected devices and the fact that it has become practically impossible to run an enterprise without a computer has increased the volume of threat...

Microsoft Ignite After Party – Online and free MSIgnite 2021

Microsoft Ignite After Party I will be hosting an after party at Microsoft Ignite and all of you are virtually invited Details are below When : Wednesday . November 3 Via Zoom / Ring Central Join us here : Click here What is a Microsoft Ignite After Party? A Microsoft Ignite After Party is a Watch Party where you invite your community members to come together...

Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo Erdal

Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo – Uncovered (1)

Kernel API Virtualization by Comodo When it comes to securing your enterprise endpoints, it’s important to have a foundational understanding that there are three types of files: the good, the bad and the unknown. Approaches such as Antivirus (both vendor-branded “next gen” and legacy detection-based), Blacklisting and Whitelisting handle the known good and the bad files – but what about the...

Inspire Keynote Speaker Ozkaya

Inspire speaker at Arab Emerging technologies & Startups conference

I will be presenting the keynote at the Arab EmTech & Startups Conference which focuses on how organizations or Startups in the Arab World are rethink and transform not only businesses but also the life of its residents. In order to prepare for the future, transform their businesses, and gain a competitive advantage. And Making Cybersecurity major part to achieve this. The...

Erdal Ozkaya in the News

GISEC spotlights critical infrastructure, cybersecurity automation -Join for FREE 2021

GISEC 21 spotlights critical infrastructure cybersecurity automation By Mark Ferranti : https://www.cio.com/article/3620284/gisec-spotlights-critical-infrastructure-cybersecurity-automation.html A massive move to remote work and rising geopolitical tensions that threaten critical infrastructure have caused many a sleepless night for CIOs and CSOs in the Middle East over the past year. They are also giving technology leaders gathering this week in Dubai at GISEC, the largest security conference in...

Comodo Community Trusted Advisor Dr Erdal ozkaya

Comodo Community Trusted Advisor : 2020 Award

This is a very auspicious moment for me to announce one more milestone in my career: It’s a great honor for me to be the first "Comodo Community Trusted Advisor" which will be global community of #cybersecurity experts who passionately share their knowledge. The Comodo Community Trusted Advisor Program is designed to honor zealous cybersecurity professionals and passionate leaders that want to have...

Erdal Ozkaya

Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity Interview – watch 4 free

Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity Interview with Dr Ozkaya In this interview we talked all about The Cloud, Cybersecurity and tip and tricks on being more secure . Watch in YouTube : https://youtu.be/spX7FnApVEs Cloud Alliance Cybersecurity interview with Erdal Ozkaya https://youtu.be/ZX7nO-rvRbE (more…)

Attack Surface Reduction

Applying Attack Surface Reduction – 1

Applying Attack Surface Reduction First some definitions/terminologies so that we all know what we are talking about Threat Actor: A threat actor or malicious actor is a person, entity or an object responsible for an event or incident that impacts, or has the potential to impact, the safety or security of another entity. In Cybersecurity this can only be a “Human” or...