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E-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress Congress Erdal Ozkaya

E-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress in Dubai (12th- join us Free )

E-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress in Dubai 10th March 2020 Securing citizens and stakeholders: Governments and corporations must provide next-generation service with security built in Technology is radically changing the expectations of consumers and citizens. In Dubai, the government has stated explicitly that traditional processes need to be continuously updated to ensure efficiency and speed in Government to Consumer (G2C) and Government to Government (G2G) services....

Chief Audit Executive Conference Erdal Ozkaya

Chief Audit Executive Conference 2019- Free to join

Chief Audit Executive Conference The United Arab Emirates Internal Audit Association (UAE-IAA) is a vibrant organization founded by a dedicated group of practicing volunteers to serve the profession and the needs of local internal auditors. The UAE IAA was chartered by a government decree from the UAE Ministry of Community Development and is dully affiliated with the Global Institute of Internal...

Cyber Security Symposium Africa Erdal Ozkaya

Cyber Security Symposium Africa 2019

Cyber Security Symposium Africa 2019 I am proud to announce, that I will be speaking this year in Africa's most comprehensive Cyber Security Symposium again. Dr. Erdal Ozkaya About the Conference Cybersecurity remains a global risk. Institutions are under constant pressure to ensure that their information and assets are protected and that the security measures they have in place can handle any potential cyberattacks. The Cyber...