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Cyber Legend Dr Erdal Ozkaya

Cyber Legend 2020

Cyber Legend I felt like I was being ordained a hero...Thank you GEC Media Group. I am honored to receive such a noble award Cyber-Legend Dr Erdal Ozkaya The award was presented at The World CIO 200 Summit https://globalcioforum.com/ My awards https://www.erdalozkaya.com/category/about-erdal-ozkaya/awards/

International Cyber Warfare Erdal Ozkaya

International Cyber Warfare Conference

International Cyber Warfare Conference , proud to be awarded ! It was an honor speaking at The International Cyber Warfare Conference - #ICWC 2019 & receiving an appreciation award from the Minister of Technology and Defence.It was also a great honor to get the kudos for our Turkish Book from Ismail Demir SSB - Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / Presidency of Defence Industries International Cyber...

Turkish Standard Organization Erdal Ozkaya

Turkish Standard Organization – Award 2017

Turkish Standard Organization It was a great Cybersecurity event at the Turkish Standard Organization (TSE). I would like to thank one more time to TSE for their great hospitality, and the appreciation certificate , it's' a great feeling to get awarded on staff that you love to do. Thank you Turk Standartlari Enstitusu , tesekkuler . It's always great to meet talented...

Dr Erdal Ozkaya Platinum Club

Microsoft Circle of Excellence – Highest Employee Awards by Microsoft

Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award    Microsoft Circle of Excellence Erdal Ozkaya A very proud moment... as I mentioned before I am really humbled to have won this award by Microsoft within 16 months... special thanks to my wife and kids without their support this success would not happen...This just the beginning... This week we are in Hawaii, invited by Microsoft , together with...

Antakya Cybersecurity Erdal Ozkaya

Antakya Cybersecurity – Thankful for the award/ event 1

Antakya Cybersecurity -Award  It was a great community Cybersecurity event in Antakya (Antioch), Turkey where I explained how You can be more secure Online and of course I also explained our ( Microsoft) solutions… Thank you for the great hospitality and the awards. Thank you Microsoft , Tonerce , Zemana , Alfalin and Antakya Ticaret odasi Antakya has a very special place in my...

General Military Staff of Turkey award Erdal Ozkaya

General Military Staff of Turkey awarded me and I am thankful <3

General Military Staff of Turkey, We all work hard, we all sacrifice from our own time to help our customers. Of course we do get paid for what we do but sometimes you receive appreciation certificates like the one I got which you can not buy with money or just hard work . Special thanks to General Military Staff of Turkey... This award...

NATO Center of Excellence

NATO Center of Excellence Appreciation Award , thankful < 3

NATO Center of Excellence Appreciation Award Who is CEO DAT ? Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism (CEO DAT) is part of NATO . You can get more information about CEO DAT in their web page Welcome Letter On behalf of the COE-DAT team, I welcome you to our Centre where we focus our efforts on transforming NATO in the realm of counter-terrorism...

Network World Awards Erdal Ozkaya

Network World Awards – Thankful <3

Network World Awards Thank you very much Network World Middle East for awarding me as "Best Networking Security Professional" in the new commer section to UAE. I was not expecting the award, but yes , I am very proud to get selected , and to be on the award stage just in 5 months after I moved to Dubai About the award...

Professional of the year Sydney Award winner Erdal Ozkaya

Professional of the Year Sydney Award (2014)

Professional of the year Sydney Award  The Award honors an individual or group who, in the previous year, represented the best in public relations as an outstanding communicator(s) or influencer(s), establishing or reinforcing the mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the public or otherwise impacting the communications landscape.  Professional of the year Sydney Award winner Erdal Ozkaya To see my other awards...

Best speaker Erdal ozkaya

Speaker of the year by Microsoft 2008

Speaker of the year award by Microsoft Australia  I feel great honor for receiving this important recognition award that is' best speaker of the year. As there were many wonderful speakers like Mark Russionovic in the conference, this award is becoming even more valuable to mo. I am very thankful to the attendees, as without their feedback I could not win the award, and...