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Turkish webinar with Business University

This post will be for my followers who can speak Turkish , its all about getting together with the Student community , talking all about Cybersecurity ... İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı'nın 2018 yılı Yenilikçi ve Yaratıcı İstanbul Mali Destek Programı kapsamında, Istanbul Ticcaret Universitesi bünyesinde İstanbul Adli Bilişim Laboratuvarı kurulmuştur. Laboratuvarın kurulum amacı, adli bilişim vaka inceleme ve raporlama işlemlerinin yapılması, [...]

The Art of Human Hacking

If you in Ankara do not miss out the Free BreakFast Event and exclusive Book Signing event for my brand new books: The Art of Human HackingGetting Started with Cybersecurity I will also deliver a session about Phishing Attacks right after Keepnet Labs Turkey Country Manager Erdnic We are looking forward to seeing you there When : 18 November 2019 Where: [...]

Cybersecurity community meet up London

If you are in London and you want to join our Cybersecurity community meet up, join us at Microsoft Peddington office 5 PM, pizzas are sponsored by Keepnet Labs We will have Ozan from Keepnet, Zehsan from CompTIA and some experts from Microsoft as well as some UK based MVP's We will talk about the current Cybersecurity Landscape , [...]